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Ovulation and period after miscarriage

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Hi Everyone,


Last Monday 25th June I had a natural miscarriage at 7 and a half weeks. We are completely gutted and want to begin trying again as soon as possible.


Today my HCG levels were at 16. Hoping they will reach 0 by next week.


Those who have experienced miscarriage (I'm so sorry you have had to endure this also) when did you first ovulate and/or get your period. My ob said it would be 4-6 weeks after levels reach 0 will I get my period. That will be about 2 months after the actual miscarriage and I feel it shouldn't take that long??


Is it common to ovulate and then get your period? Or should I expect not to ovulate until after my first period?


Any advice or information will be helpful!!

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Veritas Vinum Arte

You ovulate then get your period.


Your body builds up the uterus lining in preparation for a fertilised egg (ie you have ovulated and are pregnant) and if that does not happen, your body sheds the lining which is your period.


Some people have a cycle where they do not ovulate but that is more common in PCOS.


Similar with breastfeeding and getting period back after birth.... because you ovulate before you get your period, you can go from pregnancy to pregnancy without a period in between..... this happened to my SIL.

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I'm so, so sorry for your loss :hugs:


I actually ovulated and fell pregnant 2 weeks after my D&C so I never had a period.

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So sorry for your loss xx


I think everyone is different. I had a late miscarriage/early stillbirth and I think it was 4-5 weeks before I ovulated. However I recently had a friend who had an ecptopic pregnancy at 5/6 weeks, she ovulated about 5 weeks later and fell pregnant straight away so no period.

As pp mentioned you ovulated and then get your period if that egg is not fertilised.

Wishing you all the best for a rainbow baby xx

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Thanks for the advice ladies!


Would the first day of the miscarriage be counted as CD1?


I have always had a regular 29 day cycle and O on CD 20ish. I have been temping but I think I might begin using OPK's as well. I would be CD12 if my cycle goes back to normal.


Would it matter that HCG isn't yet at 0?? Would that stop me from ovulating? Or do you generally ovulate once HCG reaches 0?


Blahh its so confusing and I just so desperately want to be pregnant again!!

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Some dr's like you to have one full cycle between pregnancies, but when I did IVF I got pregnant the next cycle after the MC.


The clinic didn't seem to see an issue, but IVF does give you progesterone to help ensure it sticks and ovulation is brought on artificially(in my case anyway) so they knew I had a good lining etc and everything was ok to go ahead.


Good luck!

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Keep in mind that sometimes your ovulation and period may be a typical for a while after a miscarriage. It took 3 cycles for mine to be back to normal. Ovulation was impossible to predict and determine. My body displayed fertile signs almost continuously for three weeks of each of my first two cycles. My period was much shorter and lighter than usual. Despite all this I did fall pregnant quite quickly again ( 3rd cycle of ttc). Just keep in mind that your hormones and cycle may not be normal for a while.

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I’m sorry for your loss - it’s an awful thing to go through.


I had a missed miscarriage in August last year. I was supposed to be 7 weeks, was measuring 6 with no heartbeat.


I had a “medical management” and had misoprostol administered to induce the miscarriage.


It was done on August 7th, and my period arrived September 22nd - 6 and a half weeks post misoprostol. I was tracking my cycle and I ovulated September 9th.


My OB recommended waiting til I got my first period after the misoprostol before trying again. I don’t know if that rule differs with a natural miscarriage.


I then had a short cycle of 23 days after that and then I was all back to normal.


I fell pregnant in December and I’m now 30 weeks with a healthy bub.


I’m sorry you’re going through this, it’s a horrible experience. Lots of us go through it, but it’s so rarely talked about. I’m a super private person so none of my family (other than my husband of course!) knows about our loss.


I was like you, the only way I was going to get past this and heal was to be pregnant again ASAP with a healthy baby. And thats what I got for Xmas.


Good luck with everything xx

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