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Unexplained Secondary Infertility

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Hi everyone,


I just feel like i need to put my thoughts down and share my IVF journey so far. After getting pregnant with my son just 4 months after getting married, i always thought #2 would come along just as easily.

Unfortunately that was not the case.


Our boy just turned 5 and we have been trying for 2 years before seeing a specialist. After countless of tests, we were diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility. Our specialist said she doesn't understand why we haven't gotten pregnant so far.


We started 1 round of IUI which failed so we decided to start IVF in April cos of our age. I'm 35 and husband 41. IVF just had better success rate, plus we agreed that if it didn't happen by the time i was 37, we would stop trying. Fortunately, i have a high egg reserve so our journey began with a low dose of Gonal-F and Orgalutran jabs.


Egg pick up, however, was pretty sh*t, i was so bloated after, i looked pregnant. It was hard to sleep, walk, basically do anything other than lie down constantly. I was sooo constipated. They collected 17 eggs, of which 8 made it to Day 5 blasts.


I started to feel better the morning of my egg transfer and decided to go ahead with it. Now, the constipation has just gotten worse and I've got the worst abdominal cramps (due to the non-movement of bowels, its like a choked pipe - sorry TMI)


Although the Embryo Transfer was pretty straightforward and I'm now in my 2 week wait, i just cant help going over the whole roller -coaster journey and how i got here. I keep telling myself that no matter what happens i'm lucky we have one child. But i want nothing more than to give him a sibling cos he just loves little babies so much.


Baby dust to all of you and good luck with your journeys.

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The very best of luck.

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