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Just so awful - warning - trigger-UPDATED

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I just wanted to update you all - the trial was to start this week. Last week the offender changed his plea to guilty. So there will be no trial, he will be sentenced in August 2020. At least 4 children and 1 young adult victims.


I have one friend who was booked to be a witness for the prosecution. He is disappointed to not get to have a say in court.


It's brought back all these strange feelings for me - I wonder if the offender really had a genuine faith in God, or was just using the whole church community to gain trust and access to underage boys?


I guess I'll never know, and it will be between him and God one day to sort out.


Your friend still read a statement at sentencing? I hope the offender rots for the rest of his natural life in jail.


Re whether it was genuine faith or access, I believe the latter. The position of being beyond reproach as a priest/minister etc is a strong attractant to those that seek to abuse children. I've read a few books where adults recall telling their family that the local priest had sexually abused them and their family struck them in anger for trying to sully the priest.


I'm sorry your memories have been tarnished by him. As an adult, I realised the principal of our school was a paedophile. I don't know who he hurt but his behaviour to those of us in lower primary, was far too sexual to be anything but on purpose. I've googled his name and there isn't anything online about him in historic abuses.

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