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Scouts - parent involvement

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Hi could anyone share with me what type of commitment/involvement is required by parents when your child does scouts ?

I have a 9yo who loves overnight hikes, interested in all things outdoors like rock climbing, fishing etc

I think scouts would be good for him

But I don’t want to commit to it without knowing what is expected from us as parents

DP already manages one of our kids sports teams and we do canteen duty etc for footy club, we appreciate many things require volunteer work and that u don’t just “dump and run” with these kinds of activities but we are quite stretched as parents between all the things we already do

I am guessing there is some help at fundraising events etc required can anyone give me a bit of idea about the time commitments as a parent ?

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It depends. I am a registered parent helper but cant do much physically.


We have (i think other groups do this across australia maybe) one annual family camp that parents need to go to or the joeys/cubs/scouts cant go on with out. But it is not mandatory to go on.


A lot of camps and big days out the leaders take the kids so parents mostly dont go on.


Of course each group may be run differently but i will ask any direct/specific questions but they may not apply to your group.


I cant give an accurate answer on time commitment but we dont manage to go to all events and it is fine

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Depends on the group. Depends on the parents.

We don't force our parents to be involved, however it does get pretty tiresome when it's only the same parents helping.


In our group, you'd range from selling one book of raffle tickets per year, to volunteering to a 1-2hr block selling the raffle tickets at fairs etc, to doing that several times, to accompanying us on outings or few hour blocks of camps, to coming to meetings to assist, whether that's every so often, or weekly.

Our parents choose what suits them.

Some of them I wouldn't even know who they were though.

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