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Pregnancy after multiple miscarriages

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Hi there just wanted to give you bit of reassurance. I had a miscarriage at 16week in oct 2015, then a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks and a blighted ovum last November 2016. All while doing ivf. But now I have a 4 month baby sleeping in his cot :)


I was sh*tting myself up to week 20 but then was able to relax and enjoy it. I hope that moment comes for you too and you can relax and have an uneventful end of the pregnancy *hugs*

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What a rough trot you poor thing. I had 2 miscarriages after a no-fuss first pregnancy, now I have a 6 month old DD. I lost the 2 at 6 weeks and thought I was losing my DD too with bleeding etc until 12 weeks, it was a horrendously stressful time and I don't think I really started relaxing until well over halfway through the pregnancy and not fully until I was holding her in the deliver room. I know what it feels like to feel anxious instead of excited when you find out you're pregnant, it didn't really go away for me.

Don't stress about the drinking or the bath - there are so many babies conceived after drunken nights of passion!

Hope the scan shows happy news for you, keep us posted. All the best x

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I have a very familiar story, except it was my first...


We started trying in April 2015. I got pregnant first month, and we went for my 8 week scan and bub was measuring 6 weeks. there was a heartbeat, but not high enough. A week a later, still a heartbeat, but only of 50. Two more weeks and then was no heartbeat. I had a D&C at 12 weeks in July 2015.


Then I had early M/C in Sept and another in Nov.


Because of my age (I was 35 in Jan 2016), my GP sent me to a fertility specialist and I had ovulation tracking in Jan 2016. Of course, I got pregnant.


They tracked my HCG twice a week and the fastest it doubled was 3 days. At one stage it took a week to double. I was having an U/S every week to 10 days. Between 5 weeks and 12 weeks I had 5 scans! Every time, he was growing the correct amount.


He was born in Sept 2016 and is a bubbly and vivacious 17 month old now :)


So, sometimes, one of those little buggers will stick. Fingers crossed this is your sticky one <3

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Hi ladies just an update, had another blood test done 13/3/18 and levels have risen to 4881. Feeling a little relieved but still worried and over thinking about every little thing and niggle I feel and keep waiting for something to go wrong, I dread going to the toilet.


My dr has put me on progesterone pessaries for now but I can't actually get in to see her until the 19th so anxious wait till then, then I guess we can go ahead and book an ultrasound from there.


Fingers crossed this works out but I'm still keeping excitement at bay and almost expecting the worse...

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good luck OP

I was the same with my pregnancies, having had multiple miscarriages.

with this pregnancy I am still anxious but I got progressively better with each milestone. until the 13 weeks scan I barely even accepted that I was having a baby - just that I was currently pregnant. Better after 20 week scan and feeling movements etc. I also kept expecting things to go wrong and even now at almost 30 weeks I still worry.


the things that helped me the most were a sort of realistic attitude - I didn't get too overly excited or think too far ahead about having a baby, and also I had very regular check ups with an OB - so it was only ever a few weeks between scans.


best of luck!

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Good luck OP.


Similar story here. DD took 3 years to conceive however with no pregnancies in that time. My pregnancy with her was textbook.


We started ttc when she was about 10 months in June 17. Fell pregnant straight away, only to start bleeding at 5 weeks, bloods confirmed no longer pregnant.

Fell pregnant again the next cycle July17. Good hcg, measuring 4 days behind at my dating scan,which I found hard as I'd got a bfp at 10dpo, but bub had a hb. Unfortunately I started extremely light spotting not long after which went for two weeks before I could convince someone to let me have another scan. Unfortunately bub had stopped growing at 9 weeks and it was counted as a missed mc with a d&c advised.


Waited a few months after and conceived again, chemical Nov 17.


Next cycle was all out of whack and then conceived in January, currently 11 weeks +3 and sh*tting myself. Dating scan was perfect at 7 weeks. Did early pregnancy monitoring with a fs and hcg rose slowly, but acceptably. I'm on progesterone and progynova as hormone support which I'm on week 2 of weaning off. Seen my ob at 9weeks and bub was alive and on dates.

Still in so scared about my nt scan next Friday.


You're definitely not alone and I hope everything goes perfect and smoothly for you this time.

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