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Miracle bub

If you're reading this, perhaps it was meant to be.....

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Miracle bub

Hello, post-301055-0-10536900-1516247895.jpg


Firstly, thanks so much for stopping by to read my story.


It may be a rhetorical question, but have I always wanted to be a mother? Categorically, yes!! It wasn’t something that I had to ponder over, or consider. Perhaps like many other women, I thought it would just naturally happen. Unfortunately, it didn’t. What’s that old proverb?...Life doesn’t always go according to plan.


Regardless, my philosophy is simple. If the desire to be a mother was placed in my heart, :heart: it’s there for a reason.


The following ad has been approved.


I am a single, mature woman who is looking for the ultimate gift – donor eggs or embryos.


Over the years I have tried to conceive a child both naturally and through the IVF process using my own eggs. Despite repeated unsuccessful and heart-breaking attempts, my desire to have a child has never wavered. In fact, I have become more determined and resolute in achieving my dream. You could say I have a stubborn streak!


By way of background, I am fit, healthy, spiritual and young at heart. I am tertiary educated and financially secure, and so fully capable of providing for a child in a material sense. More importantly, however, my heart is overflowing with love that I can’t wait to share with a little bundle of joy.


I come from a small, but cohesive, loving family who fully support and encourage me. My family will play a pivotal role in my child’s life. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child! I have been blessed to have a truly wonderful mother and so the standard for motherhood has been set particularly high.


I would love to hear from any woman under 39 years of age who would like to help me complete my journey. I am willing to answer any questions or provide any further information you may require. Sincere gratitude for your consideration.


Documented actual expenditure incurred on medical expenses and associated travel costs will be reimbursed.


The text of this advertisement has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Health, as required by s.40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982 (Vic) (August 2017) (e4579272)


Eternal hope....


Given my maternal age, the cold, hard truth is that I only have a small window of time left. Going after one’s dreams is not always easy – it often requires patience, endurance and lots of courage. But every avenue brings potential opportunity. Consequently, I remain hopeful and optimistic about this conception path. :pinkstork::bluestork:




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I sent you a pm x

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