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Eyes closing and opening - Baby Born?

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I got a pre-loved baby born doll from gumtree a few years ago for my daughter. She's loved and played with her baby all the time however not long after she got it the eyes begun staying closed and wouldn't open (or close) with the pacifier anymore or when we lifted her or laid her down. For Christmas I thought I'd get her a new baby born (found it on a good sale) so the eyes worked again. ........ only to find out today that the eyes only close when you lay the baby down - not when you put the pacifier in her mouth.


Anyone know if we had an old model? With the magnetic pacifier. Or if that model is even available anymore? (I can't find anything on the web)


Or does anyone know of another doll that has this feature?


Appreciate the wealth of Mummy knowledge here!



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