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Induced labour story

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Hi all, I was induced Wednesday at 5pm with the gel at 0% diaIated. I started getting very bad cramps and contractions within a couple of hours. The nurse gave me sleeping pills and panadol, she said I couldn’t possibly be in labour. I started screaming in pain so they took me to L&D.


I spent a few hours there on gas, then they let me have morphine. A couple of nurses could not locate my cervix. This made the pain manageable until 9am, then I begged for epidural at 6cm dilated The pain all went away! After another 4 hours I was at 9cm then 10cm. I had to push but the baby was LOA facing up and had trouble getting down. I was pushing for a couple of hours. I was then told they will use forcepts and cut me and if that fails they will do an emergency C section.

I begged not to have a C section since I had such a painful labour.

They turned the baby using forcepts. Both our heart rates were going up, I was given one last chance to push and thank god baby was out.


My OB said my trauma is bad as a C section down there. I’m just wondering how common this is?

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My first labour I was induced at 24 days over - this was nearly 28 years ago.


The gel didn't work for me so I went on the drip the next morning.

My waters were broken and an internal monitor placed on DS's head. I wasn't asked about that and felt him move back up hugely as his scalp was stabbed with this thing and still hate that this was his first experience of life outside the womb.


Labour was fairly calm, I didn't use pain relief but he became stuck and the heart rate kept dropping so I had a local and large episiotomy and then what is called a mid forceps delivery (i think).

He was pushed back and turned and then dragged out. He was over 4 kg and I had a nasty moment when I heard 'quick take him to the table" but he cried immediately so I could hold him.

I do wonder if I should have had his neck checked - I walked the floor with him that first night as he was very unsettled and he could hold his head up off my shoulder - not exactly typical new born. ( Of course I just thought he was 'advanced)


In terms of trauma I don't know how many stitches I had as the DR said he did a rotating stitch which he just pulled together but he estimated 30 +.

The only other unpleasant thing was the first (and only for the next week) poo I did, all the bones of my coccyx clicked back into alignment. Sorry TMI but you sound like you wanted info.


Other than that I recovered fairly well despite being ignored by the nurses (i only received any attention for my episiotomy when I asked, after hearing them offer ice to the person in the next room). When, after I had tried to settle him for hours and requested they take him , (this was about 8 hours after giving birth) they refused and suggested I 'try a bit longer'. As I hate asking for help this was a real slap in the face


I did get an infection with my stitches which I ignored for too long, assuming the tiredness I felt was due to being a new mum but no long last effects at all.


The change i did make subsequently was i used a private birth centre and birthing pool for my 2 girls. I had wanted an intervention free birth.

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