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The Awesome One

30 weeks

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The Awesome One

Hi everyone, I hope it's ok for me to post in here, my sisters waters have just broken at 30 weeks and I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on how to help her? I'm 30 mins away from her and about an hour away from the hospital. She has 3 older kids but I don't have space in my car for them as I have 4 of my own. She has gestational diabetes so I'm unsure what she's allowed to eat. I'm going to organise for a cleaner to come in and do her house before she comes home.


What best helped you or would you have liked? I've offered to take her current youngest who is home schooled and take her oldest to tutoring (he goes to the same place one of my kids goes).


I want to make sure she's focused on herself and her baby.

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