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Dream Visit..HELLLP! PLS

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Hope everyones Easter was a lovely one :yes:

Last week, My dear Nanny visited me in my dream time, first time since she left, 2 years ago..

She didnt stay for long, short and sweet really..

Straight to the point just like she was when she was alive.


She told me she loved me, rubbed my stomach and congraulated me, and then left...


I am a very spiritual person, and there i no doubt in my mind what so ever that, that was her... She knows surely, how much i want to be a mum, and i feel like, if there was no truth in to what she left me, why would she give me such a message??


I have PCOS so obviously this message means soooo much more to me becos of the fertility struggle... If she had just come to congratulate me without the rubbing of the stomach, than I would think it could mean anything.... right???


I have googled all most everything and anything to see if there was maybe someone else in this world who has had a similar experience but, would you believe I havent come across anyone haha!!


Is there anyone who could possibly shed some light on this for me, this is doing my head in... and Its too early to test, still have a week and abit till i can!!


Would appreciate anything!! Love and light and thank you in advance.

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