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TTC readings (email)

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Hi There,


Firstly, I'll start this by saying i am not putting all my eggs in one basket. I know to take it with a grain of salt.




I have done 4 email readings in the past few weeks. All 4 have been from different countries (from what they say) and have all asked for different pieces of information from me (name only, name and photo, birthdate my name and partners name etc)


All of the four say september or august as the find out/conceive/due. 1 says 2018-2019 (i hope she is not right!)


I told my MIL who has engaged with psychics in the past and very much open to it (we have had a pretty good relationship, although lately she has got a new partner and completely forgotten she has a son and family... or so it seems) and straight away she says - i hope you didn't spend any money on it, when are you going back to the specialist?


I honestly don't want to speak to her about any of this anymore. She went to a psychic a while ago and said "i went to a psychic today, she was really good.... do you think you and DH would ever adopt?" and straight away my itty bitty sh*tty committee inside my head thinks that the psychic has told her we will never have children ourselves and its all i think about when i talk to her.


She sure has a way of bursting my fun bubbles....

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