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Sewing Bar #2

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Chocolate Addict

Hi all, it has been a while since I popped in here. I have just been flat out busy with the business. I have done a couple of Autism conferences and have a stall at the Ballarat Autism expo in a few weeks so am sewing like a mad woman. lol

I am actually getting a friend to come in and do some cutting and overlocking for me next week.


I am also now supplying four shops (2 that do markets, 2 shop fronts) though only one makes regular orders but it ads up. lol


I am getting frustrated with clothes in store, and even ordered some on ebay last week, a size bigger than I wear and they are all too small in one place or another. gggrrr

I wish I had time to sew some things for me but I won't have time for at least the next month. :(


I don't remember the last time I bought a pattern, I usually just use an existing item of clothing as a base pattern. lol

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Nice to see you, CA. You're doing amazingly well on your products, and I'm sure they're making a positive difference in the lives of many kids on the spectrum.


I hope you do manage to eventually find time to sew for yourself. I, too, am finding that RTW clothes are disappointing, now that I know how they should fit.

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