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Ovarian cysts / decrease in follicles

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Hi all


A little history



28 year old female / 32 year old male


August 2012 - Follicle count = 25 & 28

Unexplained infertility - possible polycystic ovaries (high antral follicle count only)

Dec/Jan 2013 low dose IVF

Successful pregnancy off 5 day blastocyst (no frozen embies) / live birth of precious little girl



Fast forward to yesterday- April 2016. 31 year old female / 35 year old male

Have been experiencing 2 weeks of menstrual bleeding whilst on the pill for last 6 months, had ultrasound as ordered by GP


- 2 ovarian cysts

- 1 possible fimbrial cyst (on the little fingers which hold the ovary)

- Follicle count = 2 & 4 on day 21 of cycle



Trying to figure out what all this means, we aren't planning on TCC until end of year but glad that I have this info now.

GP ordered the ultrasound but thinking I need to go see my FS to get her feedback


I guess the question I pose on this forum is, can the follicle count change that much? Going from a high follicle count (and being told ovaries appear polyscystic) to a low follicle count?! Does the count change that much each month? Or is there something else at play.


Feeling very confused and given we're not TCC, I'm not even sure if I should see my FS yet!


Any feedback welcome please :)

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Given you are on the pill at the moment I wouldn't have expected any follicles. The pill can suppress excess follicle formation when you have PCOS.

If you think you want to TTC soonish

I think a chat to your FS to form a plan of action wouldn't go astray.

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Thank you! Ok that makes sense, I think I'm just needing reassurance and I probably need to see my FS to get that. I went into panic mode!

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