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Quinn had her first physio session on Friday. It went ok, I had to take the big girls with us which won't be happening again! They were a bit disruptive! Shae will be back at school next week and I will arrange a babysitter for Neve.

The physio said Quinn is lagging behind with her motor skills - no surprises there - and she is a bit floppy with her head and chest. Quinn and I have lots of different exercises to practise to help strengthen her tummy muscles and her core. We have another appointment next week. Thinking it will be weekly for a few weeks until I'm comfortable with all the exercises to work on and then it will space out a bit.


How exciting about Will looking like he might be getting ready to move! It's fun when they get going, then they realise all the fun things they can get to and touch and chase! Hahaha I'm not ready for moving either and it's a fair way off for us so thats good for me, and the big girls and my poor dogs! Haha


The poo thing is so tricky! Quinn makes some funny faces too! She got pretty hysterical the other day when she did a poo but today she did two just fine with no issue... No idea what's going on with that!


Quinn is the same when she wants food, she gets pretty stroppy and calms down super quick as soon as she has something to eat. She has started to reach for food and grabbed my biscuit right out of my hand the other day!


Sleeping is still the same here. Some night she sleeps through but more often than not she wakes up at least once. I try to resettle her without feeding her but it doesn't work very often. I think the other girls did this around the same age, hopefully it won't last much lore for either of us. Day sleeps are mostly miss here. She is having 2-3 sleeps per day depending on what time she gets up in the morning. Mostly I feed her to sleep of she goes to sleep in the car or pram. I will sort the day sleeps out when school goes back and try for at least one sleep at home in her bed.


How was the music class? Enjoy it? When Shae was a baby I did a swimming class with her which I really enjoyed and she did too. She loved the water and the songs. I didn't do anything with Neve other than a playgroup. When I have both of the big girls in school next year I want to do something with Quinn and also something with Neve when Quinn is a bit bigger and able to be left for a bit longer. Not sure what but something.



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