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Psychic prediction

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I'm hoping for some advice please


After my much wanted baby boy died unexpectedly without a cause found in utero at 16/17 weeks I have been to see two different psychics with different styles - both saw another baby coming - a girl


The second, an intuitive medium, said she saw me giving birth, and described the child. She mentioned that I would undergo another IVF cycle (I was unsure) but that if nothing happened by the age of 44 it wasn't going to happen


So I did another IVF cycle - it was a complete bust - and the clinic negligently destroyed 5 perfect frozen embryos stored from 2012. I am 44 in 2 months


I really do not know what to make of all of this.


This intuitive medium was spot on for so many other things. Am I a fool for seeing a psychic? Did I upset the universe and change things? I am feeling lost & sad


Thanks for your thoughts

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So sorry of your losses, it is hard what you have had to face and that is tough for anyone.


Have you upset the universe, absolutely not. I think you're still in grieve mode and I think you should give yourself time to feel what you're feeling.


No psychic is 100% correct and sometimes psychics can be very generalist and given your mindset at this time it is very easy to be lead.


What they offer is hope and I think you're in dire need to feel like you have hope. I think maybe have a word to a psychologist and maybe have a debrief and get some clarity in your life so you know what you want to do and have some direction.


I am so sorry again.


There will be hope again just give it time. xo

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Firstly, sorry for your loss. :(


My exprience with psychics is that you sometimes can't tell the good from the bad. They may have just been telling you what you want to hear.


Some mediums are very good "cold readers" and can tell a lot about a person just from observations and being vague.


There are unfortunately charlatans out there who just tell you what you want to hear to take your money. I hope the ones you met are not.


I would say go with gut feeling. You met the people, that can be a big indication of what they're like.


As for the universe and the future. I don't see the future as set, there's so many small things that affect our path in life that I think things just turn out different, not good or bad. And I don't the universe can turn against someone, it just is what it is.


Hope that helps OP. You are very obviously still grieving. Have you thought of seeing a counsellor? You may find that that helps more.

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