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Stage 4 Bowel Cancer at 46

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What a brilliant update. I'm sorry that no active cancer doesn't actually mean cancer free though.


Happy birthday!! I'm so glad that you are here for it.


I have always wondered if you could get those screening tests if you are under 50 and have no family history? Do you know? My gut health is so dodgy and actually has been for years.


I started at 44 as i have no family history but was paranoid due to my dh. My gastro started with the colonoscopies earlier due to IBS but also he recommends everyone over 40 have one every 5 years ans not worry about the chemist tests.

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I'm so happy to read your update Mum2brodie. <3 May you continue to live cancer free. Education is so important, particularly with younger people.

Also, happy milestone birthday to you. xx

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Really happy to read your update! Please keep up the fight.



I lost my mum & uncles to bowel cancer. It’s a horrible cruel cancer which often shows no symptoms or the symptoms are miss diagnosed as other illnesses.


I started going for colonoscopies when I was in my early 30’s. Young I know but my mum’s oncologist advised her at the time to tell me to get checked out.


With no signs of it, I was due for another colonoscopy but decided to try and go public. Even with my family history they refused and even told me that spending the money and going private was a waste of time and cash. I got given the poo test and sent home.


My father talked me into going privately and I went this week. All clear but now I know for sure that there’s nothing there.


My next ones due in 5 years. The butt doctor said years ago to go by my sons age, 0, 5,10,15, ect.


I advised him what the public doctor had told me and he scoffed and stated that with a strong family history it’s very important to get the colonoscopy done from early on and to keep doing them as advised.


A lady at my sons asd treatment clinic advised me that she had 3 young children and one with asd. She was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in her early 30’s. No family history. She had no choice but to fight it and keep on fighting for her kids.


The colonoscopy is a very simple and quick procedure. I was in and out within 2 hours.



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