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Getting a phrase wrong

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It took ages to convince DH it's 'at my beck and call' not 'beckon call'.


Currently I see a lot of people using 'free reign' and 'reign it in' when both are horsey references and should be 'rein'.


I can also imagine that 'chaise longue' is going to standardise as 'chaise lounge', because the original way looks like a typo.


This is one of the few EB threads where we're allowed to just put our judgemental pants on and go for it, aren't we!

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I can't say hors d'oeurves properly without pausing first to think about it. My grandfather always called them horse doovers (he thought it was hilarious) and though my brain says hors d'oeuvres it always comes out horse doovers.


I hate that! My uncle did the same - horses doovers as a joke, now that's all I see when I read it.

And al dente pasta - had no trouble with it for years - then my MIL said very prissily to an Italian waiter that the pasta she had was perfect, Al Dante - and after laughing about it for months I've now started getting confused and struggling not to say Al Dante...

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