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Here we go again

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Good morning girls,


This thread seems a little quiet but I didn't want to post on the other thread as I wouldn't like to offend anyone being that I am already a mama.


A little history....I conceived DS on my 3rd ICSI cycle (first was an IUI). First cycle was cancelled as I didn't respond, next cycle I had 1 to transfer - none to freeze, final cycle 2 to transfer - none to freeze - BFP = DS.


xDH and I separated in 2007 (the year after DS was born).


I went back to my specialist in May last year as I wanted to freeze some eggs given my age - 38 at the time and because I was a poor responder previously and I still hoped that I would meet someone and have another baby. I then went overseas, came back and met my now partner. We have spoken about a family, but not quite there yet but time is ticking and I booked in to freeze some eggs.


My AMH was 4 (so pretty poor). I just had my first cycle cancelled due to not responding. I was on 400u of Gonal F. The nurse briefly spoke about a 'long cycle', asked for me to start the pill however I get really sick on the pill and I still have an IUD. Just waiting for a call back to see where to from here.


Would like to reach out to those going down a similar path.

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