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Destroyed Embryos :(

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After 2 years of having our embryos in storage my husband and I finally decided we were done.


As anyone on this journey knows it is a very emotional decision. From the very beginning a friend had told me that at the end of her journey she collected her unused embryos and planted them in a pot plant that she could keep as a memory/memento of her journey. I thought this was beautiful and the only decision about my IVF journey that was easy!


So after receiving our latest invoice I asked my hubby to complete the paperwork so that we could pick them up. Yesterday i received a letter to say my embryos had been destroyed. To say that I am devastated is an understatement. How can such an mistake happen at such a well respected clinic just flaws me. To make matters worse i blamed my husband thinking that the clinic would not make such a error and that he had made a mistake on the paperwork, however this was not the case it is quiet a simple form and clearly stated we wanted to collect our embryos. I am so angry at myself for blaming him I was so infuriated at the time.


My husband called the clinic hoping that it was a mistake but they have confirmed they were destroyed.


We received another call asking us if there is anything they can do but I am just at a loss as to how this epic failure can occur. How do I know they were destroyed? Have they been sent somewhere else? Used for someone else? I obviously have no confidence in their processes after letting this happen.


Has anyone else been though anything similar? I'm not sure where I want to take this at the moment but I am seriously considering legal action so they put measures into place so this will not happen to anyone else.

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Totally appalled at your post. How awful for you both. My heart goes out to you in that you had made your decision and to not have them physically with you is awful. My embryos are wrapped up in a small bag in my wardrobe. I can't bear to part with them so can only imagine your upset.


Can they tell you why they were destroyed and when? Was there a miscommunication last time you had to pay for storage? There should definitely be a paper trail if this clinic is well run.

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Sorry to hear it did not go to plan - that is upsetting as it is always easier to deal with things when they go to plan


It sounds does sound like you may still be very attached to the embryos tho? And hence it is harder to get over?


I have kept my embryos for 13 years so far and not quite yet there yet in terms of destroying them, although I won't have a choice in a couple more years


I hope you can find a way to get past this, legal action will only draw it out for you so I wouldn't recommend that.


Good luck

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