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Kylie Orr

7 reasons why my husband is an awe-inspiring father

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Kylie Orr

I’m biased but confident I married the best man in the world. Okay, I’m sure your partner is probably awesome too. With Father’s Day looming, I thought it was an opportune time to consider not just what makes my husband great, but what makes him an awe-inspiring father.


1. Patience


When I lined up for patience and finally got to the front after huffing and puffing about damn queues and wait times, they’d run out. My husband was first in line. He has more patience than a public transport user. He calmly explains things to our children, things I’ve repeated seven trillion times, usually in a high-pitched manner because I’ve already said them, like, six billion times before. I thought I’d gain patience when I had kids, but instead, I gained a patient husband.


2. Involvement


My husband’s the quiet type. He’s not your rambunctious, president-of-everything kind of guy. He is, however, very involved in our children’s lives. He’s paced hallways with unsettled newborns and changed as many dirty nappies as I have. As they get older, he volunteers in their activities, coaching at Auskick and junior football despite his apprehension at not being a “rah rah kind of coach”. He is well-loved by the kids and parents because he’s interested and committed.


3. Cooking


If I ate a Jaffa every time someone told me how lucky I am to have a husband who cooks, I’d be morbidly obese. My husband loves cooking. He’s my exact opposite. I detest cooking and if I have to be in that space, I want the kids out from under my feet. Conversely, my husband brings the children in and props them on the bench. What do you think this spice is? Why do you think we have to brown the meat first? My children will grow up with a love of food and the process of cooking and become great cooks themselves, all thanks to their dad. Future partners of our children, you’re welcome.


4. Question time


Each night, my husband asks the kids, “Any questions?” The children love this chance to ask random, often unanswerable (to me, anyway) questions like How are the clouds made? and Does the inside of your nose have a smell? My response would usually involve scurrying off to consult my friend, the Internet. My husband knows a lot. He retains information and can spout it back like Rain Man. His nightly questions incite curiosity and intrigue in our children. And they give me a chance to crack open the wine and have some quality couch time with the bag of Jaffas.


5. He’s a techno-whizz / MacGyver


I like to say I’m the ideas man (woman). Which translates to: I see a picture of something that would look fantastic in our house, and assign the job to the husband. He can build stuff. He can fix stuff. He can make things happen. The latest job I’ve got him working on is a loft bed for our eldest child. Not sure how the end result will look but the fact that my husband is willing and able to give it a go is pretty darn impressive, especially for an IT guru.


Which brings me to the techno-whizz part. Due to his line of work, he’s all over the most modern technologies. I’m still flipping a cassette tape over to play music. If anything needs to be re-routed, downloaded, updated, or overhauled, the kids completely bypass me and go straight to their live-in help desk.


6. Consistent and persistent


I like to believe our children are well-behaved. For that, I credit my husband’s consistency and persistence, with a side of stubbornness thrown in for good measure. When I reach the end of a long day, I’m known to let things slide; children’s tantrums over bath time, resistance to dinner, bed refusal and the list rolls like movie credits. I pick my battles. My husband takes on any combat he believes is teaching the children something, whether that be about manners, behaviour, kindness to others, saying sorry, or moving on from mistakes. Meanwhile, I’m back on the couch eating Jaffas.


7. He loves me


At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, a father’s job is to love his children. But a father’s job is also to love his wife. Modelling a healthy relationship is imperative to our children. We are not a perfect couple. We argue. He ignores my strategically placed to-do lists and I complain about the mess he makes in the kitchen. But our children witness a strong union, one that shows them how to resolve conflict reasonably, and above all else shows compassion and love.


Happy Father’s Day to my amazing husband and all the dads and husbands out there that get a bad rap when they should be thanked. And for the record, I’m all out of Jaffas.

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