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Pink or Blue?

Insomnia - 24 weeks pregnant

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Pink or Blue?

Hi future mummies!!!


I need some advice as I'm going a bit coocoo!


Over the last week I can't seem to sleep at night or in the day (averaging approx. 2 hours per night and then I clock watch...TORTURE!). I was expecting this - just not so soon - I'm 24 weeks!


Please tell me it's a phase :)


Any tips will be welcomed!

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Probably a bit late for a reply - but I will add my reply in case others are also having difficulty sleeping and reading this post!


I am 27 weeks and yes - insomnia!


My reasons are: restless legs, toilet visits, constant movement from baby, partner snoring, me snoring as I start to doze which wakes me up, overactive mind, hunger, back pain and just can't get comfortable!


I was falling asleep at about 4am and waking up around 6-8am.


I recently incorporated the following which now has me going to sleep around 1am: a hot shower before bed with a quick foot rub, setting up my laptop next to the bed (not on my tummy/radiation!) and watching old free movies on youtube with my earphones to free up my mind and block out other sounds. I dim the screen as much as possible so the brightness doesn't keep me awake, and I have a pillow between my legs for the back pain.


And I know this sounds terrible, but I've also (nicely) asked my partner not to cuddle me throughout the night and to stay on the other side of the bed. This gives me more room to move around and spread out my legs if I'm restless too. As soon as it's morning though he's rolling over to rest his head on my boobs and makes little murmouring sounds. Men?! LOL.


As for my snoring, which is a new thing for me, it seems to be improving since the weather has started warming up and I'm not using the heater in the bedroom. I guess it was drying up the air a bit?


Also, as baby is getting bigger he is not 'clinging' to my bladder which means I'm going to the bathroom less frequently. This is funny as I have started sipping water throughout the night, but hasn't increased the urge to constantly pee :) And I have a small container of mixed nuts and chocolate chips to munch on if I get a little hungry.

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