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Confused & Upset by Reading

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Hi I am posting this here as well as hope to get more traffic.



Hi I hope someone here can help me. Yesterday I had a reading with a lovely lady who I have seen twice before over the last 6 years and usually everything she had told me was very true and I really feel she connected with my darling dad on both previous readings.


Yesterday things were very different, some of the things she said about my family were spot on but when she connected with my mum, though some things were right the personality coming through was nothing like my mum, in fact pretty much opposite of my mum.


This has left me feeling very very upset and confused. I dont know what to make of this reading and have been so unsettled by it. Should I see someone else?





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lucky 2

Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling upset after a reading.

I don't know what you should do but it might not be a great idea to see another medium in the near future, perhaps give yourself time to process and emotionally recover.

I had many personal readings in my 20's but I found I'm more settled and happier not having readings, I haven't had one for around 20 yrs. They stir me up too much.

All the best.

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