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Monnie Coco

IVF at 44 looking for positives

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Monnie Coco

Hi there, I am 44 and will soon be ready to start IVF cycle # 6. I am hoping there are some over 40's with advice, positive stories or feedback.


Previous cycles have been long protocol, synarel and gonal F 300. The last cycle was gonal F 450, this didn't give me higher numbers as hoped, but instead pushed the follicles too fast which I believe affected egg quality (fragmentation).


My AMH score is 19 which is good, and at 44 I am still getting ok numbers with good fertilisation rates and eggs that are making it to blasts. For this reason I am having another go with my own eggs.


I am contemplating DHEA to improve egg quality, 25mg x 3 per day. Any advice from other ladies over 40 that have used DHEA ?


Would also be interested to hear if anyone has tried different protocols with success. I have heard AACEP (agonist/antagonist conversion with estrogen priming) looks promising for over 40's.


I am currently doing acupuncture once a week, and taking all the supplements imaginable. royal jelly, maca, q10, just to name a few.


My story is 3 x ectopics and both tubes now damaged beyond repair.

1st ivf 1997, cancelled due to hyper-stimulation.

2nd ivf 2003, 2 embryos transfered at day 3, nothing to freeze, BFN

3rd ivf Jan 2014, 10 eggs, 9 fertilised, 4 blasts, 3 to freeze, all BFN

4th ivf June 2014, 6 eggs, 3 fertilised, high progest, freeze all cycle

FET x 2 embryos Aug 2014, BFP missed miscarriage at 10 weeks.

5th ivf Jan 2015, 7 eggs, 5 fertilised, 5 blasts fragmented, transferred 2, nothing to freeze, BFN.

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*preg ment


I was 39 when we completed our last IVF cycle so not quite what you're looking for but my FSH was really high and my AMH low & we were told it was now or never! we also changed to a new clinic for this one as well! It was 6yrs ago so its a bit hazy but from memory I was on 450 gf, antagonist cycle we ended up with 3 eggs but all fertilised. They where talking doing ICSI but because of the low numbers didn't (not sure why) The clinic wanted to push the embryos out to Blast but I flat out refused, previous we'd never got embryos past day 3 so they reluctantly agreed, 2 transferred on day 2 and the remaining 1 didn't make it to the next day, I was on pregnly injections and then pessarries after that! we now have a beautiful little 5yr old DD> :) Things have probably changed a lot in the last 5yrs but thats what worked for us,



Good Luck, I personally preferred the antagonist cycle, it was much easier on the body & the mind.

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Monnie Coco

Thank you for sharing your story :yes:

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