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Miss Chloe Rhiannon - Jan 20 2015

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I feel like I need to write this down and process the birth as I am in the process of enjoying my beautiful girl but I still have moments of worry with what could of happened.


I am 29 years old - Mum to Madison, who is 12 (Born 35 weeks, 5p3oz) and Sebastian who is 6 (Born 26 weeks and 5p3oz also). My partner J and I have been together for 13 years and we were always 50/50 on having one more baby. We Had Mad when I was 16 so we waited a while before having Seb. This time due to work, and renovating and travelling we waited again, and we were cleaning out the spare room where all of our cots, furniture and Bugaboo pram, etc were and I said to J, what are we going to do with it all? We popped it in the garage while we renovated and 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant! It was a sign to us that this was meant to be and we were both over the moon. Due date was to be Feb 2nd 2015.


With my first 2 pregnancies, they were amazing - No problems, no sickness, no tiredness, i felt amazing. I was also extremely small with both babies, and often people didnt realize i was pregnant! With this pregnancy however, I copped the LOT. I was sick, I had killer heart burn. She kicked me like CRAZY and loved aiming at my ribs. I was exhausted, I felt huge (even tho people said i was still small, for me it felt huge!) I was actually quite happy that I got to experience "pregnancy" IYKWIM. We decided to go through our local hospital Ante Natal clinic as this is where we had Seb previously. We have private health but couldnt really justify spending the money on it for the exact same services as this hospital is both private and public. This is a decision I question for myself daily as I wonder "what if".


All was good until early January - I came home from work, (I work in Admin at a car yard and love my job, and my boss is super flexible with me and was happy for me to keep working until i felt I couldnt). I had an extremely stressful day, including a major disagreement with a new manager, who swore at me and a whole huge situation blew up. I didnt realize how much it affected me until I got home, i went for a rest, and within about 20 mins, I had labour pains. I also had a show, so I called the hospital, and J and I went in to go on the scanner and find out what was going on.


Once I had been on the trace for a while, they examined me and said I was 1-2cms, which was normal for a woman that had previously had kids and that the head was engaged. I was recording contractions every 4-5 mins apart. They gave me the option of staying or going, being that the pains were manageable, I was 5 mins from home, we decided we would go home and moniter it, and we would come back if anything happened straight away, and that I would come back again the next morning to follow up, be re-examined and go from there. I was at this point 36 weeks pregnant. We returned the next day, after a sleepless night on the couch by me, the contractions were ramping up and getting more painful and I felt like things could be on. I saw a doctor who checked me, and she was confident that I would have a baby that day. I was up to 3cms and the contractions were still 4-5 mins and stronger.


Throughout the day, i stayed on the trace and nothing else eventuated. I was frustrated and tired and they kept me in overnight and monitered me. I wasnt dialiating any further, and I was in quite a lot of discomfort. Throughout the night and the whole day the contractions did not ease up. With Seb, I had to be induced to kick start the labour and I felt like they may have to do this again. I spoke with the doctor, who basically told me that they were too busy to do anything and that due to being before 37 weeks, they were going to send me home and that hopefully it will stop. Frustrated, tired, in pain, i agreed to go home due to the fact I missed my kids and family, and I felt I could probably relax more at home and move around so it would happen naturally. This didnt happen. The pain kept getting worse, and the contractions stayed steady, and my next midwife appt was on Monday (I was sent home on Thursday). I spent the weekend trying everything natural I could think of, baby dancing, curry, bumpy car ride, walking on the beach, evening primrose, Clary Sage massage, Reflexology, you name it - we did it. Saturday morning they asked me to come in for another trace and it was still recording contractions, I was still at 3 and after 4 days of constant contractions, I broke down crying and asked for them to do something - Same answer, we are too busy, your not at 37 weeks, ripe fruit will fall, etc etc. Back home I went.


Saturday night out of sheer frustration, I called another hospital, and spoke to the most wonderful midwife who listened to all my symptoms, and took down my history and she said towards the end of the call that it sounded like I had whats known as an Irritable Uterus. We spent some time researching it, and I believe this is what I had. It was caused by stress, and constant pain and contractions but labour wasnt actually happening. Once I figured this out, I spoke to my hospital again, and they just told me, yeah could be - just come to your next appointment and we will go from there, but if anything happens come in. I continued to work, and carried on with life. Now that I understood what was going on, it made sense and I felt I could continue on with the pregnancy without worrying SO much.


So I went to my appointment on Friday, I was still 3cms and contracting and they booked me another appointment the following week with the doctors, as I would be 38 weeks, and they said then they would look at inducing me. I took a deep breathe and figured, hey I can do another week of this, its best for baby, and kept on with life.


Monday I went into work as per normal and around 11am I felt exhausted, and had the worst backache. I pushed through and around 2.30pm decided I needed to go home as I had started spotting and the back pain and contractions were just getting too much for me. I called the hospital on the way home, and they said due to the blood, it would be best to come in. I went in, had another check, still at 3cms, and they wanted to keep me in as baby had moved out of position and moniter me as if something did happen, they were worried about the cord coming out before her head. They popped me on a trace, and the only examination they did for me was an internal, and they didnt take my blood pressure, which I thought was a bit weird. They then moved me to the ward around 5pm. I sat and waited and the pains were getting worse, and around 7pm I asked to see the doctor as I felt so uncomfortable and felt like something was happening. My hubby had gotten there from work and he could see a significant change in the pain level. I felt back to my first labour, and these pains were identical to the ones I had with her, and I said to J that I was sure that this was it. The doctor came in and didnt examine me, and J at this point was getting concerned, asked the doctor to check me, and asked what the plan would be as it had been 2 weeks of me in pain, and I was exhausted and he was worrying about the baby.


The doctor got very defensive quickly and said "she is not in active labour, she is just having braxton hicks!" J asked, well why are you keeping her here then? Can we talk about a plan to maybe induce her so that this stops? - The doctor then said, "We arent inducing until she is past her due date." I brought up the fact that my blood pressure wasnt taken when i came in, and they denied that it wasnt and I am sure I saw the nurse write one in that was similar to the one she did once I asked her to check it, as I felt really light headed and was swollen. They basically called me a liar and said it was done, when I know for a fact that it wasnt. This just pushed me over the edge and there was the doctor, nurse and midwife that came in and argued with J that there was nothing happening with me. I asked them to please respect my intuition and I knew that this was it this time, and that it was going to happen, they dismissed me. At this point, J was so frustrated with the treatment, or lack there of I was getting, he asked them if I could leave - they said yes no problems, were not holding you hostage. We looked at each other and knew it was time to go.


We hopped in the car around 8pm, at this point the pains were coming closer together and more painful, catching my breathe and I felt so much pressure - bearing in mind the last time I was checked was around 3.30pm. We went to another hospital, the same one I called and asked if they could check me, as we believed it was on, and the midwife Nicola was amazing. She listened to my story and was extremely thorough. She placed me in an observation room, which was ready in case of delivery and began an examination. To my lack of suprise when she did an internal, I was at 4-5cms, the cervix was opening and soft and the head was down. Contractions were every 3-4 mins and were gaining pain and I knew it was on. She was very glad we came down and told me sit tight on the trace. An hour later she saw I was still in my work clothes, and asked if I wanted a shower, to which i jumped at the chance. I hopped in and the water felt amazing. Things were happening. Around 11pm, I was in a TON of pain and I felt like I couldnt get comfortable, and so i went and hopped back in the shower. I was leaning on a shower chair and the water felt amazing. I dont know how long I was in there but plenty of contractions later, I was leaning and I had a big contraction and all of a sudden, there was a POP and water flew everywhere. I yelped and the bathroom was flooded - my waters had broken. There was another midwife in the next bathroom and she came running in as the fluid had gone under the door!


They got me in the bed and did an examination. I was all of a sudden at 8cms! The time was around 11.30pm and I felt like I needed something for the pain. They said I was too late for an Epidural and they didnt use pethadine anymore (Boo!) so they went and fetched me some panadine forte. No sooner had I swallowed them, that I started throwing up and felt the urge to push. I hopped up on my knees and they told me to hop on the gas. I tried it, but I just didnt feel it, it was more of a hinderance having to hold the bloody pipe instead of feeling my body. At this point Nicola checked and said, oh goodness, listen to your body and if you feel like you need to push, do so. I started to push and felt the most insane amount of pressure. It was horrendous! She suggested I hop on my back so that we could maybe twist her straight as she was on a bit of an angle. So I got on my back and J grabbed my left left and held it back, all while wiping my face with a cold flannel because I was so damn hot and thirsty.


I pushed and I could feel her just there. J who had been at the other 2 births was watching, and said to Nicola, maybe they should cut me as they had done it the last 2 times and this helped? Nicola agreed, and I honestly didnt even feel her cut me, and the next contraction came, and I pushed, and POP. A FLOOD of fluid and a beautiful little head came out. Nicola was covered, and I mean covered in fluid and gunk and was trying so hard not to laugh. My mother in law, who was in the room lost it, and cried out, Surfer Girl! One more contraction and she was out on my chest at 35 mins past Midnight. One hour from waters breaking to being out. Not bad for someone who wasnt in labour...


They then did the usual checks, and I was so happy she was out. However, they took her over to the warmer, and the paed got called in. Turns out the midwife had rescusitated her and she had swallowed mecconium during the birth. I had NO idea that this was happening and she was so calm and just worked her way through everything. Little Miss was taken through to the NICU, whilst I got stitched up and within an hour we were reunited and I expressed for her. For precautionary reasons, she was popped on anti biotics and CPAP, but she did so well, she was out of the NICU within 2 days and off the CPAP within a few hours. With my other 2 they were in the NICU for like 4 days so for me, this felt awesome. She was eating well, and was a beautiful placid baby.


Even tho this other hospital was 40 mins away from our home, I am so relieved we chose to go there. I dread to think what could have happened if they couldnt even check my blood pressure right, let alone with such a quick birth. I couldnt thank Nicola enough - she made me feel powerful, and in control, and was so gentle but firm at the same time. As she was an older lady, I assumed she was super experienced, but after the birth the doctor told me that she was only very new to being a midwife, and that she was the least experienced person there. I was astounded. I felt so blessed she knew and had an amazing intuition.


Funny thing was on the Thursday, when my appointment was with the doctors at the first hospital, I obviously didnt show as I was in the other hospital, they called and asked to reschedule. The lady was like "Oh" when i explained that I wouldnt be needing an appointment due to the fact, the baby is born and delivered safely elsewhere.


Chloe is now 2 weeks old today and is such a joy. She is a little koala bear who loves nothing more than to be held and snuggled. She is breastfeeding so well and is such a beautiful addition to our family. We are in the process of putting in a complaint with the health department for the way we were treated. Not once did we ever raise our voice at them, or act badly, or demand anything. All we wanted was to be treated with respect and helped, and listened to and I felt this hospital let me down. If something had had happened, I would never have forgiven myself for staying there. There is something about a mothers intution and you should ALWAYS listen to it. If you feel something is wrong, act on it.


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Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl. I love her name :)

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Aw congratulations! And another little Freo baby :)


(My DS2's coming home outfit was a dockers onsie hahaha)

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Ohhh, Chloe is precious!!!


Congratulations *~FairyWishes~*, she is delightful.


Sorry to hear about the way the first hospital treated you though - that's appalling!

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