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Princess VFR

June 2014 parents thread

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Princess VFR

Omg where did that time go!!


I just got Alex's daycare photos back and i cant believe how grown up she looks.


She too is tall, i finally got her eating meat again. Chicken beef lamb and fish.....its all called "chicken" though.


Generally shes a good girl, when shes not pushing the boundaries that is.


She did have a period of acting up shortly after her sister arrived, but that seems to have settled down now.


Rafaela was born Australia Day, natural delivery after some minor encouragement with induction. Shes now 11 weeks old, and aside from some silent reflux a pretty good baby.

Just quietly....she sleeps 7.30pm until 6am. Crap sleeper in the day though as she is shipped around here there and everywhere.

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Stephie's doing well. She's enjoying childcare twice a week, and will be moving up to the pre-kindy room when she turns 3 in just over 6 weeks time. She still naps most days, and she's been in a toddler bed since September last year - if she wakes up at all during the night at the moment, it might just be because her sheet or blanket has come off and she wants me to put them back on again (even though she's more than capable of doing it herself). I think she's about 94 or 95 cm tall at the moment. She can be a cheeky bugger when she wants to be (I think she inherited my sense of humour).




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