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Did you get the "feeling done"/my family is complete feeling?

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Oriental lily

I am half way through my fourth pregnancy and already I am completely done .


It's not the actual pregnancy that has confirmed my resolve, it's the feeling that I will never, ever, have to TTC again that makes me happy . It's the relief that I will never have to live through those early pregnancy weeks again being to scared to go to the toilet incase I see blood . It's never having to sit in a ultrasound reception place shaking in fear that the scan will show a none viable pregnancy .


This pregnancy took 18 months and one miscarriage to conceive .


I never want to see a OPK or a pregnancy test ever again.


So yep I am done and dusted


I will treasure and relish all those newborn cuddles coming up knowing they are my final ones with my own child . I am completely fine with that!

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I thought I was done at 2. Then we had surprise #3. I had my tubes tied after that, and think if I hadn't I'd probably be pregnant again by now. My first 2 were close together, and the joy of watching older kids enjoy a baby sibling is amazing! I also see how close my first 2 girls are and would love to be able for our baby have a sibling close to her age.

So I don't think, in my heart, ill ever feel done since having a 3rd. But in my head I know I want to sleep, and look forward to wearing a normal bra again, and have 'spare time' , no nappies etc etcetera

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