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Due in Feb 2013 Chat Thread #6

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1st February

1stwilliams- #1

Electric_Blue- #1

Shellygirl- #2


2nd February


Lolly4ka- #1


Wrenny- #1

amyc1981- #1


3rd February

cheekychickadees- DD1-4, DD2-2, #3


kimliz- DS-6, DD-3, #3

pheazoid- :bluestork:

cabbagepatch- DD 18m, #2


4th February

kettricken- DS1-2, DS2-1, #3

Jettsmum - DS1-11mnths, #2


5th February

btd- DD-4, DS-2, #3


astropossum- #1

Lcasey- DS1-4, DS2-3, #3

MummyTomo- DS-2, #2

cjcp- #1

jacqg- DD1-2, DD2-1, #3

Kapers- #1

Kabe81- #1


6th February

Zach'smum- DS1-8, DD1-5, DS2-18mnths, #4


7th February

beatka- DD-2, #2

BMW1980- DD-5, DS-4, #3


8th February


babushka doll- DD-5, DS-1, #3

Mishka79- #1

Sassy Dingo- #1


whale-woman-DD-2, #2 :pinkstork:


9th February

Nattles88- DD-13mnths, #2

karaFNQ- DD1- 18, DD2- 14, #3


10th February

happinesswith2blue- DS1-4, DS2-3, #3

timeformore- DS-6, #2


Anteres- #1

Twoinblue- DS1 -2, DS2 -1, Two foster kids (neices), #5


11th February

dede79- DS-3, #2 TWINS!

NicNic85- #1 TWINS!




12th February

summers- #1


13th February

indigo99- DS-14mnths, #2

mumatelle- DS22mnths, #2

number3forme- D1-17, D2-8, #3

Lolpigs- #2

duefeb13- #1


14th February Valentines Day :wub:


rissa88- DD -6, DS -4. #3


15th February

Bubble11- #1

babyinabackpack- #1


baysmummy_21- #4



16th February

Zombiekitten- DD-9mnths, #2

Eljose- DD-2, #2


17th February

Lozypopz- #1

babycat- #3 TWINS!

BJBubbles- #1

bluebirdbaby- #1


18th February

Mummyandmemakes3- DS1&2-14mnths, #3

Becstarinator- DS-4, #2

singlesunflower- DD-5, #2

midstudentcatie- #1


19th February

It'satadpole- DD-1, #2

Hayley11411- DS-17mnths, #2


20th February

TeeFlan- DS, #2

Babyruby- #1

Chickpea- #1

21st February

Faith86- #1


22nd February

ok~computer- DS-5, DD-2, #3

donnalouise82- #2

AgEm_my_world - DD-3, DS- 9mnths, #3

23rd February

hmmm...- DD-13mnths

StJerome- DD-2, #2



24th February

mumofe- DD-13mnths, #2

nurserobin- DD-1, #2

kmt1610- #1

gabriellekent- #1


25th February


26th February

Liah- #1 :pinkstork:

Gigiphelps- #1


27th February


MummyArnold- :pinkstork:

28th February


clm1982- Moved to March DIG



hitchicken- #3



SoonToB4- #4

MummyArnold- #1

flamingodancer- #1

Jaynen81- #1



Kelly_di_jakarta :bluestork:

Annah79- 2 DD’s, #3 :pinkstork:



Angel Babies

Gone but not forgotten. Hope to see you in another DIG soon.

dolcengabbana; mummafreedles; Greatgene; Ali88; Roodledoo; Megpie; ellysbellys; Joan10; Glamour; ~Bells~; Sunshiney; lesiamd; hillplain


BABY'S BIRTHDAYS!!! :babyflip:



29th-Allegra Jane Jackson- (Daughter of LittleJacksonOne, 28+6) 1403g, 38cm L, 27cm HC


18th- Elliot (Son of Bubba Ship, 37+3) 3.04 kg, 50 cm

31st- Edward Mark (Son of Stanzy) 7lbs9oz. 53 cm


For those of you interested in joining our Facebook group here is the link:


This is a closed group so only the people in the group can read the posts :)


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LittleJavksonOne - Could you change my due date to the 8th as I'm caesaring on that day? Ta.


I hope everyone is coping with the heat.


My last night when I'm working. Yay. One a month of days to go.....

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Hi Ladies!!


I hope you all had a Great Xmas and New Years! I enjoyed mine, even though it was flat out. knowing that next year I will have a gorgeous little 10 month old made me enjoy the peace that wasn't really there!


Re-packed my hospital bag this week. I wasn't happy with it before... with just over 5 weeks to go... I figured it was time to get it right!!


We can all say next month we will have a new baby!!!!! Who's getting excited!!!! ME!!! YAY!!!!


15 days of work left!!! Still think I may be pushing it, the insomnia has kicked in... I can be so tired and stare at the ceiling until 4am!!! Going for a walk in the arvo seems to help...


Keep cool in this heat wave that is hitting!! xx

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Happy New Year!


How's everyone coping with the heat?

DH is installing an air con next week :-)

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Urrgh! Not coping at all today what with the heat and working at night. i've had 2 sleep deprived nights and have been having a major melt down over trying to clean the house, do the shopping, wrap presents, make cake, make food for having people over for DDs Birthday tomorrow. Lots of people cancelled or were away and I ended up calling the rest and cancelling the whole thing as I just wasn't managing. We'll take DD to the (airconditioned) aquarium instead and the neighbours kids will come over and eat cake with her so she shouldn't be too deprived. Next year we'll do a birthday party with her kinder classmates. It's taken till midnight to make her birthday cake... but at least it's now done..

Very over this pg thing!! I have to go see my ob in the heat on Mon which I'm not looking forward to..... I just wish I could have a day to rest... hopefully soon.


I hope everyone else s doing a little better than I am....

Yay for the air con Stanzy!

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Hi Ladies,


Newbie here, Probably a tad late to join in but here goes!!


I'm Bel, having a caesarean on the 7th of February with my 3rd bub. I already have a DD who is 5 and a DS who is 4. I'm located in the Hunter Valley too :-) Looking forward to chatting with you all.. x

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Whale woman- sounds like you are doing too much! I hope you get a well deserved rest very soon. The air conned aquarium sounds good!


Welcome BMW1980! Never too late to join. 7th feb is my due date and my Caesar is on 31 Jan :-)


I had only read about babies in utero having hiccups but today bub had it! Very cool- DH thought so too.

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Hi ladies

Yes how is this heat. I'm finding it ok if I'm indoors or swimming. Outdoors is way too hot.

Bub seems fine for now. Had a scan last week and baby is measuring on the big side (2weeks over) I got really stressed but the doc calmed me down and told me not to worry at all.

Thinking about packing my bags soon as I've had a lot of bh contractions but the scan showed labour was not going to be soon. I think I have bought everything finally.

Getting excited now

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Happy New Year! Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe in Tas/NSW/Vic – I have to say it’s keeping the heat in perspective for me.


Whale-woman hope you are getting some time to rest now - aquarium sounds like a great solution.


Stanzy what do the hiccups feel like? Mine’s been doing something that might be hiccups (as I type in fact) but it seems like way too often. Hope it’s not a sign of things to come :/


AFM, I’m sleeping pretty lightly which can make me irritable, especially with people constantly asking if I am suffering this or that ‘yet’, which I don’t find that supportive! But as long as I manage a nap I’m not too cranky :). Had a nice mini-break and now trying to finish preparing and do some stuff off our ‘nappy bucket list’ of last minute indulgences. Anyone else have one of those?


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hiccups - feels like a twitch/generalised movement rather than spefic kick/poke from bub that is repetitive at regular intervals a few seconds apart. This bub is getting a lot of hiccup episodes that last a few minutes then settle down.


Nattmummm - have you asked your ob whether the BHs mean bub is likely to be on the move sooner rather than later? I've never had them so have no idea about them.


Mamanuka - I hear you on the cranky. Poor DP has been copping it.


AFM I seem to have hit the wall really. Today I struggled to feel awake at work and keep on getting comments that I've gone all 'mushy' and are not making my usual calls on things. It's a bit scary as I don't really notice a difference myself. DD ended up having a great Birthday. I hope my present spaced out exhaustion will go if I get a bit more rest.

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Whale woman - how long left at work? It must be getting hard to concentrate. My mind has gone now. Today I left my shopping at the shops after paying. So annoying. Hope you are feeling more rested today. I think I'm going to feel exhausted until baby arrives.

I did ask the Obyn about the Brixton hicks and he wasn't concerned. I had a scan a week ago and there was no signs of labour e.g cervix long and closed. Although this week the contractions have increased to at least 1 or 2 every hour or so and on monday i considered calling the hospital thinking i was in labour but then it all stopped. Also my back is starting to ache. I see the doc tomorrow so will mention it all again. I keep telling DH that I can't see this baby staying inside for 5 more weeks.

Mamanuka- this baby has had the hiccups a bit too but more so earlier on. Its a funny feeling.

Is anyone else measuring ahead of the dates. Mine is measuring 2 weeks ahead even though I know the dates are correct.

Hi BMW 1980 - welcome and never too late!!

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Hello all,


Hope you are all well.


Not long to go now. I have a feeling a few babies will arrive this week. On the fb group we are at 3 bubs and 2 sets of twins already born. It's so exciting.


I hope you are all coping ok and staying positive. Easièr said than done for some of you I'm sure.


I have been washing clothes and trying to get everything sorted but still feel like I have so much to do before bub arrives. Haven't packed my hospital bag, don't have cradle set up, capsule not installed and that's just a few things. Am I the only one?



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Lozypopz - DP put up the cot on the weekend but like you the cradle, cars seat etc aren't done. I'm not bothered by it too much, it will happen eventually and it saves having issues with my 3yo claiming them as hers and wanting to play in them.


Nattmummm - I'm working till the 30th... But as it's pt it's only 8 days in that time and one of them is a planning day. No nights thankfully. I don't know whether I should be crossing fingers for you that bub stays in for the next 5 weeks or comes out a bit earlier (like a week or 2). I'm measuring bang on size. I don't think measurements are that accurate. I was told #1 was big last time and she was 50th centile at birth.


AFM It's a bit hit and miss here. Yesterday I felt ok and even managed to take someone for a test drive and FINALLY sell my old car. Yay! Today I've felt terrible, just half asleep/exhausted. I managed to take Dd to the park and for chinos but are otherwise lolling on the couch. A large latte did help for an hour and I may be resorting to coffee to manage at work tomorrow.... not ideal but as long as my blood pressures good I should be able to get away with it. I think I'll start packing up and moving my mess out of my office in case I decide to bugger it and not continue with work.... They were going to try to get my replacement to start a few days early so I can hand over which should help too...

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It is getting excited to hear some babies have already arrived. Not long to go now.

Lozy popz - I'm finding it hard to stay calm waiting for the next few weeks. Trying to stay busy and stay positive. Just uncomfortable now and not sleeping at all. Maybe that's natures way of preparing for night feeds.

Whale woman - 8 more days, I bet you are counting down now. It's a great effort lasting this long

The Brixton hicks contractions have settled down now. Not sure why I was having so many it today none. I would like bub to come out soon but in way not. I am enjoying these weeks with my girls before the bub arrives. I know once he gets here it will be full on and I won't have as much time with them. They are both wanting to be with me all the time at the moment and crying on their one day in daycare. They must sense something changing. Anyone else's kids experiencing this??

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Lovely to hear baby news.


I'm just checking in. I've been reading everyone's posts.

I've been keeping busy writing my thesis and friends are calling in for visits.


Only 14 days to go for me!


How's everyone keeping?


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Natttmumm - DD has gone all clingy, has not been wanting to go to CC which she usually loves and has started having accidents and wetting herself as well as just being cranky/oppositional. eg she loves the beach so I take her there she then refuses to wear any clothes and demands to go home and then when I give up and take her home she cries to go back to the beach..... I hope she settles soon and doesn't get worse when bub arrives. Poor cherub.


Stanzy - Good luck with the thesis!


AFM - DP is on the poo as he mixed up when the ILs are arriving and they're coming this weekend when he's away interstate on a work trip. Grrr... I"m hoping DD will settle down with some intensive attention from her Grandma as despite my best efforts to do extra stuff with her it doesn't seem to be containing her.. 5 days of work to go. Its amazing how much more motivated I am about work when the alternative is being home with the in laws. :8

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Whale woman - good luck with your last 5 days at work. I hope your feeling a bit more energy. Your DD will settle once the baby arrives and settles in. Both mine have had TT regressions at about age 3 but it does pass. Also hope the inlaws are a good help. Maybe you will get some rest.

Have anymore babies arrived? I'm not on Facebook so not up to date..

Me - I'm going well. I actually have more energy at the moment that 2 weeks ago. Just less than 4 weeks to go. I saw a lactation consultant a while ago and she said to start expressing at 36 to help with my breastfeeding issues. I tried it but nothing came out. Now I feel like its a waste of time.

Also I keep having this fear that labour will start and I'm on my own with my two kids and its really fast. Not sure why as my previous labours we slow. Anyone else had this fear.

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bubba ship

Hi all, just a quick drop by to announce the arrival of Elliott at 11.47 pm 18/1/13 (37+3) 3.04 kg, 50 cm

Water broke at 9 pm, got to the hospital at 11, had the baby at 11.47 after only 7 mins of pushing in the bath, discharged at 2.30 am, got Maccas on the way home, and we were all in our own bed by 3 am :)

All too quick, but turned out well! Wishing you all a quick and complication free delivery! xx

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Gratz Bubbaship! Lovely to see everything went so smoothly.


Natttmumm - It's funny, last time I was really worried about going into labour before c/s day came around. This time I seem convinced that bub is well entrenched and isn't likely to want to move prior to eviction day.


AFM Feeling pretty miserable here. I only managed to get a couple of hours sleep what with the heat and the news that the developer building town houses behind our place is putting pools along our boundary fence and wants to rip down the fence. After 6 months of noise and builders staring in our lounge I'm not very happy. It seems though you are powerless to do anything and these people can do whatever they wish. My feet have swollen so they're looking like overstuffed sausages and I was thinking of enjoying a few days at home before the birth but currently this place, with builders traipsing through our yard, is the last place I want to be.... not that I can realistically ask to stay longer at work which is my current refuge.....

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Congrats bubba ship. Wow what a birth story. Hope you and Elliot are settling in at home well.

Whale woman - have you finished work yet? So annoying about the building noise. Must be very irritating. When is all that meant to stop?

ME- doing well, enjoying DH being home for 3 days to help out with the kids. He has taken them to the park this morning so I can relax a bit. I'm just over 37 weeks and time is starting to speed up. No labour signs yet. - but my belly is huge. Surely I can't get much bigger!!!

Hope everyone is doing well with the heat!

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Natttmumm - feeling huge here too. 37 3 here t/d.


Finished work y/d which is a bit of a relief. Still wrestling with the builders next door. Apparently it's legal to build a pool fence as long as there is no climbable stuff on the INSIDE. Great, if my kids climb over the pool fence/boundary fence into the neighbours they wont be able to climb out so can stay their and drown. Lovely!!! DDs first day of kinder today. First day back at swimming Sat and bub is coming out next Fri. Very over it. I'm just uncomfy all the time and she wiggles like a bag of worms so I'm not able to get much sleep. DP still hasn't bothered to have a discussion regarding names with me,a and after trying to talk to him for 8 months about it I've given up. I pretty sure what I want as a name and will just go with that. Still no car seat installed. House is filthy. Luckily I'm not too fussed by it all..... i guess there is an up side to being used to living like a pig.


To all those panicing about being ready, be assured there is someone less prepared/organised that you.

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Hi whale woman - wow next Friday so soon and very exciting. It's nice to know when. Can you plant a lot of trees on y outside so kids never think to climb fence?? That's what we did at a house we lived in a few years ago.

I'm just waiting it out nosh. 38 weeks tomorrow so hoping I'm not waiting more than 2 weeks. Also very uncomfy and feel like walking is even hard.

My eldest starts school next week and my youngest starts preschool next week too. I feel a bit teary to see them so grown up. Where has the time gone!! In the middle of the night when this baby is waking me up I will try to remember how quick it all goes by.


Hoping baby arrives next week after everyone has started school and preschool. That would be a good time


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Whale woman- all the best for Friday.


Edward Mark arrived today at 7.54am by c-section.

7lbs9oz. 53 cm long :-)

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Lickety Split

Congratulations Stanzy! Hope you are recovering well :)


I haven't really posted in here much (was previously Eljose). Due on 16 Feb. Had a scare at 33+6 when I was having contractions 2mins apart for 4 hours but thankfully they didn't turn into anything. Am now 37+6. Looking forward to meeting our boy, although we haven't chosen his middle name yet. Planning on a VBAC this time around :)

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