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Due in December 2012 Chat Thread #19

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Gold :D


Update after ultrasound in a few hours

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20th September
cosmic79 welcomed Amelia 28wks 892g

9th October
Jenna J welcomed Annabelle Lucy 32wks 1.65kg

1st November
Gisses welcomed Flynn Oliver 2.22kg & Alyssa Emily 2.078kg 35wks 4 days

7th November
Kels22 welcomed Noah 34wks + 2 days 5lbs 10oz

9th November
Leafprincess welcombed Sabre 36wks + 4 days 3.275kg

28th November
Keshena - DS 1, #2

1st December
emiboo - DS, #2 It's a SURPRISE!!
missy78 - #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
Ang1982 - DS 14, DD 10, DD 7, #4 It's a GIRL!!
MaxandMe - DS 1, #2

2nd December
MahnaMahna - DD, DS, #3 It's a BOY!!
Hollag26 - #1 It's a SURPRISE!!

3rd December
frogcal DS 1,#2 It's a SURPRISE!!
Kouklamou DS 2, DS 5mo, #3
Nicole83 DS 6, DS 4, DS 2, #4
muzbilove - DS 17, DD 15, DD 3, DS 1, #5
Sammy2623- #1

4th December
alirenton18- #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
Missy78 - #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
Googling Mum - DD 4, DS 1, #3
LadyChattalot- DS 2, #2
accidentally_preg - #1

5th December
Pssst - DD 1,#2 It's a SURPRISE!!
JustDance- DS 1, #2

6th December
aurora sleeping- DS 1, #2 It's a GIRL!!
louise526 - DS 3, #2 It's a SURPRISE!!
MamaWinks - DD ^i^, #2 It's a BOY!!
Miss Monica- DD 5, DS 2, #3

7th December
MrsPotatoHead - DS 3, DS 2 & 3 1, #4 It's a SURPRISE!!
Honey Pot - DS 1, #2 It's a SURPRISE!!
Birdieb444- #1 It's a GIRL!!

8th December
JuniorGandR- DD 2, #2 It's a GIRL!!
Andrea79- DS 2, #2
bel_81 - #1

9th December
butterflydreaming- DS 2, #2

10th December
Teenybopper- #1 It's a BOY!!
Oh Dear - DS 10, DD 7, DD 3, #4 It's a BOY!!
Zingiber- DSD 17, DSS 15, #1 It's a GIRL!!
Cuddlesnkisses- DD 4, #2
Goddess73- #4
Rainbowbaby2012- #2

11th December
youngyummymummy- #1
nellie82- #1
vintage.blue - DS 5, DS 3, #3

12th December
thunda - DD, DD, DS, #4 It's a BOY!!
Red nut- #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
MrsLightyear = #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
abc_123 - #1
cletus - #2

13th December
Hooloovoo - #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
Amy26- DS 4, #2 It's a SURPRISE!!
mels123=#1 It's a SURPRISE!!
KatieJess - #1 It's a GIRL!!
mcchickies- 3 DD's, #4 It's a BOY!!
mamacitamahns - #1
sherryshell - #1

14th December
Ally04 - DS 6, DS 4, #3 It's a SURPRISE!!
rolandsmum - DS 7, DD 4, #3 It's a GIRL!!
LauraYeo - #1

15th December
KiwiMelW - #1 It's a BOY!!
-Pz- - TWINS! #1 It's a BOY!! & #2 It's a GIRL!!

16th December
maggiechunga - DS 2, #2 It's a SURPRISE!!
dreamingofcats - #1 It's a GIRL!!
steen2007 - DS 4, DS 2, #3 It's a SURPRISE!!
Retro_Mumma - #2
Balance25- DS 1, #2

17th December
Kristy81 - DS 2, #2 It's a BOY!!
mum2bof5 - DS 13, DS 12, DS 10, DD 4, #5 It's a GIRL!!
Emilia - #1
Bron1206 - #1
Lilybeth - DS 1, #2

18th December
ktjcksn - #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
anikal - DS 1, #2
Chloejames88 - #1
j+s - #1
B & X's Mum- DS 4, DS, 3, #3

19th December
keebra99 - #1 It's a BOY!!
letsgivethisago - It's a BOY!!
Stardusties - #1 It's a GIRL!!
michmac- #1

20th December
Meg88 - #1 It's a BOY!!
Smudgied - #1
hbbear - DS 13, DS 10, DD 6, DS 4, #5
genevievesmum - DD 3, #2
jdmum1 - DS 4, DD 1, #3
Soccer Mum - DD, #2
ruthlet - DD 1, #2

21st December
Marah'smom - DD 10, DD 6, #3 It's a SURPRISE!!
Fergie79 - DD 1, #2
kitykat_35 - D? 1, #2

22nd December
Bellefin- DD 2, #2 It's a GIRL!!
Bel - DS 9, #2 It's a BOY!!
Luna-Baby - #1 It's a GIRL!!
SarahBubble - DD 1, #2 It's a SURPRISE!!
Shamoo - #1 It's a GIRL!!
Oma Desala - Ds, #2 It's a SURPRISE!!
3beautifulDS - DS 6, DS 4, DS 2, #4

23rd December
organic~sab - DS 1, #2 It's a SURPRISE!!
Ticken - DD 3, DS 1, #3 It's a GIRL!!
jeska~and~her~secret - DD 2, #2

24th December
antoniaraz - DD 4, #2 It's a BOY!!
Izy Bee - DD 4, #2 It's a BOY!!
Jlhb - #1 It's a GIRL!!
Brown_dog - #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
kjdean1988- #1 It's a BOY!!
~bluebird~ = DS, #2 It's a BOY!!
kavya12 - DD 2, #2
igotababybump - #1

25th December :xmas_cool:
Little Ladybug- DS 7, DS 5, DD 3, #4 It's a BOY!!
DutchessVonMinx - DD 7, DD 4, #3 It's a BOY!!
Nikk82 DD, DD - TWINS!!#3 & 4 two little BOYS!!
LovelyLoveXx- DS 1, TWINS!! #2 & 3 two little GIRLS!!
natalia2482- #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
S-n-S - DS 9, DD 7, DS 1, #4# It's a BOY!!
Heath2baBigBrother - DS, #2
Tiger_85 - #1
spudbrooks- #1

26th December
EmNZ - #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
porkchop's mama - #1 It's a BOY!!

27th December
jules247 - DS, #2 It's a BOY!!

28th December
greenapples - #1 It's a SURPRISE!!
LegoLady - DS 5, #2 It's a GIRL!!
narragirl - DD 1, #2
pinkblue - #1
GMac81 - DS 1, #2

29th December
miss sunshine - DS 5, DD 2, #3 It's a SURPRISE!!
Eeyolet- DS 4, DD 1, #3
KatenJasmin - DD 8, DS 5, #3

30th December
4Littleloves - DD 7, DS 6, DS 6, DD 3, #5
am_I_ebaholic? - D? x4, DS? x4, #5

1st January
Miss B - #1

Ducki151 - DD 7, #2
Undies+Gumboots - DS 5, DS 3, DS 1, #4
The Harlot
Over_the_rainbow - #2

Angel Babies
Gone but not forgotten. Hope to see you in another DIG soon.

Mummy Again2
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Just saw a new thread had been made, and thought I would say hello.


I have been booked in for a C/S on 12.12.12 - I will be a little bit over 38 weeks then, but my BP is slowly going up, so he will do the op then - so thats 48 days to go. All getting so very real now :)


I have been reading these threads, just sometimes have nothing to say, so dont reply.


Belly rubs to you all :wub:

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List is looking great MrsP :happy:


I didn't realise we had two arrivals already, how exciting!


Bel That's an awesome day to have a baby! If this one is still breech I'm going to ask if I can have that day for the c-section too, I'll be 39 weeks exactly.

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Quick update after the scan


Baby is good, though hid his face from the camera... Naughty boy was very stubborn and wouldn't move from his hiding spot. So no face shot but did get some great shots of his little feet and one of him holding his ear. He's measuring at about a week ahead at the moment and has a fat little tummy, a head full of hear and lovely little ears.


I see the OB tomorrow, will have to wait and see if we set a date for a c-section or go natural. It's a week by week call at the moment. Doctor will let me go natural so long as my liver doesn't get any worse (we kind of want to avoid liver failure)


Girls without stretch marks- :ph34r: I am sssooooo jealous.... My tummy looks like tiger bread... It's so :cry:


Mrs Potato head you rock, the list looks awesome!


Star duties and Bel it sure is getting real. I wonder how many of us will end up going for the same date :laugh:

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porkchop's mama

Sorry for the me post but just a little shaken up today.


Had my appt with the MW who works with my Obs today.


I'm still meauring around 2cm behind, so 29cm at 31 weeks. It's 1cm more than 2 weeks ago which is good and bubs still had a great heartbeat.


Then we tried to work out where bubs was and it was hard to find his head. Had to do a bedside US and it turns out his head is pretty low. Looks like he will engage in the next couple of weeks.


MW completely not worried at all about today but she was a bit surprised at my measurements. I definitely look much bigger than my last appointment. Given my size she doesn't think bubs will be big. As if to prove the point, bubs kicked like mad the moment she tried to palpate for him and check his heartbeat. He's still going 2 hours later...


So I'm off to get an US before my next appt. I will be around 33 weeks and apparently the hospital likes everyone to have 33 - 34 week scan.


I stress over everything and I'm trying not to because I trust my MW and she has seen me through the early weeks with the bleeding.


Take care everyone.

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Oh you poor girl porkchops. i know exactly how you feel about being a little worried. Im sure you and bubs will be fine!


At least he is still growing, and he is active. I had my scan and my baby head is so far in my pelvis that it doesnt look like its coming out at all.

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Hi all!! It's been quiet some time since I posted but I have been following. Congrats to all on the great scans......countdown is on now!!:)


Kjdean1988 – we’ve done our antenatal classes expect the breastfeeding one which we have last week. I think they go into too much detail and scare people. Have a look at this website – http://www.hypnomamma.com.au/ We just finished this course through them last night and I have to say I’m not scared at all about the birth now. I’m horrible with needles so my biggest thing was really not wanting an epidural. I would highly suggest getting a book (you might be able to contact hypnomamma and ask to buy the book) as it goes through different scenarios and techiniques on how birthing doesn’t have to be so painful and ways to actually help you manage different stages of labour naturally. It sounds a little hippy, but honestly it’s not.


Porkchops – my bubs is moving all the time too!! It’s actually hurting me….keeps getting up under my rib cage with the pushing and kicking. Don’t be worried either after seeing the MW….I know easier said than done, but it’s not the time to stress…..especially if MW isn’t. It’s time to start getting excited!!


AFM, such a sore back, I'm struggling sitting all day at work. Still have the morning sickness:( which has been one of the biggest killers for me. On the vitamin d and iron tablets still. But there is light at the end of the tunnell.......just over 8 weeks to go and I can't wait to just have this baby in my arms. It doesn't stop moving and guaranteed every morning around 4-4:30am it has a little boxing match in my tummy!


We did a hynobirthing course as mentioned which was great. DH thought it would be all hippy stuff when I told him about it but he has completley converted his thinking now:)


Have a 32 week scan on Monday and I can't wait to see how the little bubba is going in there!


No strech marks yet - touch wood, but have put on 12kg's already!!


Tummy rubs to all x



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Izy Bee

So another week is approaching.....32 weeks on Monday...and I get to see bub again Wednesday...another growth scan....let's see if he can make a record...2 weeks ago..approx 5lb's...so maybe he'll be 6lb's....and then I get to meet with the OB..to check my GTT text results again....I was hoping negative...but then a midwife friend pointed out if I have GD..they will most likely deliver early....which at this point would actually be nice...so we'll see what wk32 brings


Hope you are all hanging in there...I'm sure we are all on struggle street!!!!

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Nutty nut

Not on struggle street but definitely slowing down. Had a few days off in a row, and suddenly the idea of mat leave is incredibly appealing. 3 weeks to go though.. Think it will be a huge struggle by the end.


Good news leaf, and porkchop's mama, that doesn't sound too worrying. Head down is good, and the growth scans aren't terribly accurate especially in the rooms. If you're growing and bubs is that active, I'm sure it's going well. Izy bee, hope your scans are inaccurate in the other direction!


All seems to be going well here, though there isn't a lot of external reassurance. It seems to be a lot more wiggling about and sticking bits out than kicks now. I have no idea where bubs is going to fit by term, already running out of room. Lucky enough to have only put on about 7 kgs, but I could have spared a couple at the start, and I'm definitely all stomach. I think it's helped keeping the energy levels up. I have developed some abdominal muscle separation though, and I'm a bit worried that's my fault for doing everything at my preggi belly classes, and not asking about it when I first noticed it happening. Hopefully the extra core strength will make up for it...

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Rednut, so jealous you've only put on 7kg! I keep thinking how much I would have put on though if I wasn't still vomiting!


We picked up our pram today, it's all getting so close now:)


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend:)

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porkchop's mama

Thanks for the reassurance, Red nut and others.


natalia - so exciting about the pram.


Red nut - yes, I'm feeling the same about movements. Less of them and more rolling body parts. Hard to know what's where given bub's head is so low. I think I consistently feel a shoulder down low on the left but it could be a knee because most of my kicks are pretty low. I think he's bent up out of shape.



Still keeping on. Sunday seems to be my day of exhaustion. I wake up crazy early and then go back to bed for a few hours before lunch. Don't start feeling human until around lunchtime. Just like in the good old days with hangovers.... heh heh.


Take care everyone and hope all is well.





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Hi everyone,


had our baby shower on saturday and it was so much fun. In fact I got qutie a few, this is the best baby shower I have ever been to comment. And all it was was a bbq and hang out but with all the guys and girls. Our little baby who we affectionately call WJ got very very spoilt and I now have alot of washing to do.


New bathroom starts to go in this wednseday so im getting geared up for a week without a shower in our house. our really good friends live just down the road, so i told them I will be coming over and having showers at their house instead. They dont mind, thank god.


So this saturday and sunday I have finally started to swell. my rings dont fit me, my shoes dont fit me, my clothes dont fit me. I only have 6 weeks to go and Im going to have to finally go and buy some clothes. Sucks. I really though I would make it without havnig to buy hardly anything.


Oh and the wall decal for the nursery arrived and I love it. I cannot wait for our master bedroom plastering and painting to be finished so we can move back into their and I can setup the nursery.


Has anyone else had their baby showers/ and finished setting up their nursery. When do people finish work. I finish in 4 weeks, but my MW is going to write me a drs cert so that I can finish in 3 and use up some of my sick leave.

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Hey rednut - what is abdo muscle separation, my midwife mention it at my last appointment, then just discounted it say it was normal- even though she sounded concerned/surprised.


How exciting we are all getting so close. I'm kind of glad i haven't had any further scans, as seems to be worring some of you, guess we just have to take everything as it comes


My mum gave me a lecture yesterday about not working for too long, so now havea cold and taking the day off. Definately feeling closer to the end than i ever did with ds, hopefully a sign i'll bea little early. Can never work out how the baby is sitting, but pelvis seems a lot heavier and aching now so think bubs ihas his head well down. Was watching what i assume were feet/legs run from one side of my belly to the other last night, which was fun, but not too comfortable.


November in a couple of days...

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Double post

Edited by ~bluebird~

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Just wanted to pop in and say good luck to you all.

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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ARRIVALS :heart::pinkstork::pinkstork::heart: i hope babies are doing well xxxxx


WOW ive missed so much i hope everyone is travelling well :wub:


i have actually been in & out of hosptal with threatned preterm labour , my little boy wants out , have been give labour stooping pills & steriod so now a waiting game i guess , i have a motherly feeling he will come soon but then u never know ill be sitting here a week late ahhahaha............ good luck girls in the last weeks of your pregnancies xxxxx

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KiwiMel - how exciting!!!!! Did you get a lot of clothes or other useful things too? We finished setting up our nursery last weekend. I got these decals of forest animals and owls in trees. DH thinks the owls are scary cause of their big eyes and thinks the baby will get scared of them hahaha. Will take some pics of the nursery and post:)


Riotproof - thank you x


Mcchickies - sounds like you have a little eager boy that wants out!:) What ever happens if he decides he wants out in a week or a month, he'll be fine.....babies come out in their time when they're ready I keep getting told:)


Only 4 weeks of work left here....can't wait. My back is getting so sore sitting infront of the computer all day:(


We're off for our 32 week scan this afternoon so very excited to see the little one again.....bit nervous at the same time. I hope all is ok in there. Last check up I had with the ob a few weeks ago she was saying that the baby was measuring on the bigger side and that it was breach, but they would see after the 32 week scan if he/she had turned.


Hope everyone had a great weekend:)



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Hi Girls,


Riotproof - thankyou, hope things are going along ok for you.


McChickies - the in and out sucks doesn't it. At least now you are past 34 weeks your bubs will be fine just maybe a bit small. My SIL had her little girl last week at 34 weeks, all good 40 minute labour once they took her off the drugs to stop it. Baby was 2.08kg (4lb8oz) but lungs fine, just will need some help with feeding until she gets stronger.


Bluebird - abdo separation is where the muscles in you stomach end up with a gap between them due to the pressure of bubs pushing from the inside (visualise a 6-pack with that dip down the centre but wider - up to a hand width wide). Can be painful as there is essentially not much except skin and the uterus wall keeping baby in, so can help to wear a belly band support. Also may need some special excercises to help things go back afterwards.


KiwiMel - your baby shower sounds like heaps of fun. My sister and Mum had planned one when I was pg with DS but I was in hospital that day so it got cancelled. On the upside we sat in the cafeteria and munched all the yummy cakes they had made for it! And going back to the last thread - mangoes are my fix at the moment. Thank God they are cheap and good this year.


AFM- Well I am 35 weeks today and officially on struggle street. I can't sleep at night, my back and hips are hurting and everytime I am nearly alseep the baby decides to dance. I am getting about 4 broken hours a night so consequently fall asleep every time I sit down during the day. My IL's have gone interstate to see BIL/SIL's new bubba born last week so I have no-one to take DS for a few hours so I am getting nothing done. My DH is trying to help but also racing around trying to get ahead with the farm work in anticipation of bubs arrival. He is also struggling a bit, had a bad dose of gout last week and his bloodwork showed up a bucketload of other issues - so he is a bit stressed out.

On the plus side the weather is magic in Vic today and going to be nice tomorrow too, so DS can play outside and I can snooze on the grass. We went to feed the animals this morning and he insisted on carrying the food over to the working dog who is tied up. Couldn't work out why he was walking so slow until I saw him sneak some dog food into his mouth - cheeky bugger. I got him to spit them out but at least 4 pieces got partially chewed, nice.


Keep ticking off the days ladies.

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hi all


been a while since i checked in, will go back and read the last few threads...about all my brain is capable of these days .....i am SO tired. Finding it difficult to sleep - hot, can't get comfortable, left leg is numb, carpal tunnel in both hands sore back...the list goes on!


34 weeks today, did antenatal class yesterday, nothing too interesting for me having been madly reading everything i could the past 6 months but DP found it interesting and a lot more informative/detailed than when he last went - 15 years ago.


have given up doing anything active other than lying in the pool which has been a huge relief in the hot weather we've had so the back/pelvis isn't giving me as much grief as it was.


no stretch marks....yay! i guess it was my turn to have something go my way.


step-daughter still hasn't spoken to us.....i haven't seen her since the day after i found out i was pregnant. no loss for me but i am sure DP is more hurt than he lets on.


am not sure how much longer i will last at work - i'm thinking of dropping Wednesday's soon so i'm only doing mon/tue having a break then thu/fri.


glad everyone else is doing well, on the home stretch now....really looking forward to the end!

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Hi all,


Still around and reading. Getting tougher with DH still away and the other two boys to run after, well waddle.


My OB doesn't see me making it to term, but really anything can happen. DH wont be home until 4 days before my due date, so as much as I want to come early I am worried about him not making it.


Our small community here does Halloween, how cute at the bump halloween pics. I know American blah blah but the boys love it, so we will enjoy it.

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Hi ladies, I need to vent!!!!


I'm so stressed out and panicking!:( I had my 32 week appointment yesterday with my OB. She measured my stomach and said it was 29cm and should be 32cm.


She did a scan in her rooms and said that the weight of the baby at the moment is about 1.78kg (3pound 9ounce), and the baby's stomach is measuring small in the 45th percentile. Amniotic fluid was all normal.


She has me booked in for a growth scan at the hospital in 2 weeks time and then back in to see her straight after that. I asked her if the baby looked normal and she said yes.


To date the baby has been measuring right on. I'm so stressed about it as why the sudden slow down in growth and I feel that maybe the OB doesn't want to tell me everything if she's sending me for a scan in 2 weeks.


I've been on google this morning and it's freaking me out. Some sites are saying something about delivering early due to potential problems with the placenta, others saying pre-eclampsia, others just saying that 'just a small baby if the placenta and cord all functioning well'. It's killing me. I know I shouldn't worry about it at this stage, but I'm just so scared and stressed about it. I read what this lady had posted on a forum about the same thing and that her doc wasn't too concerned and booked her in for a scan 2 weeks later, and in that 2 weeks the baby died.


I'm going to drive my self insane over this!!!!

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Natalia - sorry you are feeling stresed, if you are worried maybe call your OB to discuss. Write down all your questions/concerns before you ring so you don't forget anything.

FWIW the 45th percentile is just below 50 th which is the average so not a big concern. There are a lot of reasons why you might be measuring behind belly wise including baby's postion and whether the head has engaged. The Dr must not be too concerned or they would have sent you for a full growth scan straight away.

Pre-eclampsia and high BP are things that can affect placenta function and growth, my DS was induced at 36 weeks for that reason and was 5lb4oz at birth. At his 34 week growth scan he was in the 14th percentile. Try to stay off google, too many ways to scare yourself and consult your OB or go to the hospital and speak to a midwife if you are worried.

Take care. Dani

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Guest louise526

Natalia, I know it is hard it is, but try not to stress too much, and one of the best ways to help your stress is to stay away from Dr Google. I like the prior suggestion of writing down a list of concerns and questions and calling your OB. Is there any benefit in doing the scan now for instance. Write a list and talk to your partner and then call. Write down the answers too. I think our OBs and midwives are pretty used to worried pregnant women and are pretty good in answering our "what ifs".


I hope you find your baby is perfectly healthy and they might just have a sudden growth spurt and catch up by your scan date. If your baby is anything like my son, he will seem terribly sick at home and after I push my way into getting an appointment at the dr, will be jumping and running around the waiting room. Kids have a way of making us look neurotic and crazy. Perhaps your baby is just starting this early!

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