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FYOS 2013

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Guest Ferdinand

Glad things are going well for you guys!


ANZAC day fell during holidays for us. We're only 4 school days into term 2.


DS is still doing fabulously. Even having a substitute teacher for 3 straight weeks hasn't bothered him. Holidays were good too, I kept him very busy with outings with various family members (including me) and vacation care so he was happy. He doesn't do so well when he has a lot of spare time on his hands. He's very happy to be back at school.

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Veritas Vinum Arte

Just doing an update and mummy brag....


DS2 is loving school. Is loved by the girls and has a big Bromance going on with the boys. Also feeling chuffed as he has been Invited to Gifted & Talented programs....... Not too bad for a boy just over 12m ago Kinder were highly recommending repeat 4yo Kinder.

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