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Learn 5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Rise Fearlessly



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Overtime, Research has proven that confident and fearless children do better than their less confident counterparts. A Fearless child is confident enough to maneuver challenges and pursue their dreams fearlessly. Parents can help their child to overcome the fear of defeat and teach them how to rise fearlessly while striving to attain their God-Given destiny.


Benefits of Raising a Fearless and Confident Child


There are several benefits parents who have fearless children enjoy!

A fearless child Is not afraid of challenges. They are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression and they’re also less likely to be abused and downgraded.

Fearless kids have a long-standing endurance to overcome negative beliefs and nurture better self-esteem.

Fearless kids rise above the overwhelm of negative belief to pursue their dreams and rise above average.

The best feeling in this world for any parent, is to have a child who successfully overcomes the overwhelm of failure and defeat to rise fearlessly/unencumbered.

Dealing with a child overpowered by defeat? Then, here are five ways to teach your child to rise fearlessly!

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Rise Fearless


1. Build their self-confidence

Build your child’s self-confidence to help them overcome the fear of defeat and help them rise fearlessly.

You can build your child’s self confidence by making them believe they can do anything!

Make them understand that they are solely capable of doing and becoming anything they want to be!

Become their biggest cheerleader and fuel their passion towards all positive goals that they are trying to attain.

Let your child be confident and comfortable with the way they look, the way they talk, who they are, their parents, and every other thing around them.

When a child innocently tells you “Mummy, I don’t like this…or, that!”

Then, “don’t”…Don’t push things or force them into things they don’t want, because, you’re inadvertently teaching them not to have a stand or personal opinion which ultimately affects their self-confidence.

Only confident kids are able to rise above fear and defeat.


2. Have them take on new challenges

Challenges push children beyond their comfort zones and provide opportunity for fast growth and adaptive learning towards succeeding at new life tasks.

Challenges help fine-tune kids from scared and timid demeanour to a much more confident and intelligent finishing.

You can provide safe and healthy challenges according to their age and endurance level.

Start by working on their most confident activities and then slowly move on to more challenging tasks.

Facing new challenges and accomplishing them helps drive away fear and instill feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment in children.

Here is an interesting video from Dr. Paul Jenkins – a psychologist specialising in the science and practice of positivity

Ways to Boost a Child’s Self Esteem

3. Let them make their own choices

By giving kids the freedom of making their own choices most of the time, you build up their self confidence and allow them to rise fearlessly over unwitting feeling of fear and failure.

Give room for self development by allowing kids to make personal preferences like their own choice of outfits, colours, toys, story books-to other complex choices, like; games, education and sports.

Allowing kids make their own choices untangles them from a feeling of fear and subjugation to a self-confident and fearless kid.

Encourage your kids to tell you their preferences.

Encourage your kids to tell you their best colours, their best games, their best type of dresses, the dress they feel more confident in, their best shoe types, and the best snacks they prefer eating most of the time.

Don’t forget also to not overdo it, try to limit choices and allow them to choose from them.


4. Encourage heart-to-heart discussion

Raise your child in such a way that they freely open their hearts to you.

Let them let you into their challenges, fears, joy, likes and dislikes too.

You can’t help your child if you don’t know what their challenges are!

You can’t also model a child who is naturally introverted and always by themselves.

Encourage your child to have friends, and to observe a little bit of social obligation.

Introverted kids are usually open to long term emotional and physical abuse, since they hardly open up or share their pains with anyone.

Do not slap-off having a quiet child, a child shouldn’t be quiet, a child should be eloquent, outspoken and precise.

If you notice your child is too quiet and mostly introverted, you can start remodeling him/her by being playful around them.

No need for yells or toughness, because that could contribute to their quiet nature.

Continue talking with them even when they are not reciprocating. Play with them even when they prefer to be by themselves. Introduce them to friends their age that you like.


5. Discourage fear and unnecessary feeling of defeat

“Mummy I can’t do this,… or that” is the simple language kids use when they are dealing with a feeling of defeat and overwhelm.

You should not be comfortable when your child uses these words often.

Try to work on their fears and channel all feelings of fear in any situation or activity into a blissful and comforting success.

Use more positive words around them and get them to be used to them!

Get your children to be more positive with themselves by having them use positive affirmation words often.

Words like I can do it, I am confident, I am strong, I am loved- can go a long way to ease your child’s fear and model them into a more fearless, successful and confident kids.

In summary, in order to untangle your child from the power of the defeat and help them rise fearlessly, you have to;

  • Build their self-confidence
  • Have them take on new challenges
  • Allow them make their own personal choices
  • Encourage heart-to-heart discussion with them and
  • Discourage fear and unnecessary feelings of Defeat

Comment below and tell me what you think of this article


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