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How to Tell if Your Child Needs Braces



n help your kids and if there’s anything else you need to do for them besides encouraging them to practice oral hygiene. How should you know if your kid needs braces and orthodontic treatment? Luckily, there are some signs and symptoms that you can follow up as your kid's jaw and teeth start growing and developing. Here are some of these sings that you should have in mind if you're trying to get informed or make a decision whether your kid needs braces.

Your Kid Has Crowded Teeth

Crowding is a situation in which your kid’s teeth are too close or they overlap. Simply put, there’s no enough space in your kid’s mouth because his or her teeth are crowded. The teeth are fighting for that limited space in your kid’s mouth, they’re competing with each other which leads to misaligned teeth. The crowding problem is the most usual and the most common reason why your kid might need orthodontic treatment. If the child doesn't get proper treatment when needed, this can worsen over time. If the crowding gets too serious, your child might find even the basic oral hygiene routines such as brushing or flossing too hard to do them. As a result, your child can have a greater risk of tooth decay, uncomfortable mouth breathing, and problems with biting or chewing. To avoid all these consequences, make a dental appointment in some of the best dental practices eg. Terrigal Dental where your child can seek and get quality dental treatment.

Bad Bite

Bad bite’ or a medical term ‘malocclusion’ means that your child's teeth aren't aligned. Malocclusion occurs when the top and bottom jaw differ in the sizes when they're not aligned. Overbite is when your child has the upper jaw bigger compared to the lower jaw. On the contrary when your child has the lower jaw bigger than the upper jaw that’s known as an underbite. There are various of factors that can cause a bad bite, some of them might be: sucking the thumb or lower lip, tongue thrusting, some kind of an accident or trauma, an early loss of baby teeth, or the family medical history of a similar problem. If overbites and underbites are left untreated this can be damaging for your kid and its health. That’s why you should make a dental appointment so that professionals can check if your child should wear braces to fix these kinds of problems.

Speech Problems

If you notice that your child is having difficulties with pronouncing some specific words, or it has speech problems it might be the time for you to visit a speech pathologist but also to make a dental appointment. In some cases, speech problems can be related to dental problems eg. misaligned teeth. The teeth are important both for articulation and the speech and there are some words that can be hard to pronounce if your teeth are misaligned or crooked. To help your child and to make this easier for him or her, make sure you visit your local dentist and to get proper treatment on time.

Early Symptoms

If you’re wondering whether your child needs braces and how to figure that out, there are a few symptoms and signs that can help you with that. Some of which include late or an early loss of baby teeth. If your child happens to lose its baby teeth too late or too early, it's quite likely he or she will need to wear braces. If your child loses baby teeth too late that can cause teeth issues such as misalignment. And if your child loses baby teeth too early that can cause the teeth to take up the empty space leaving no room for permanent, adult teeth. Early teeth loss can be a sign of more serious medical conditions so it’s important to take your child to the dentist if you notice some of these problems. The dentist will be able to tell if your child needs a specific treatment eg. wearing braces or not.


The first step in helping your kids have nice and healthy teeth is encouraging them to have a proper and regular dental hygiene. This routine can save them from having orthodontic issues. Unfortunately, most of these issues are inherited and genetic so in some cases, there's not much you can do to prevent them. But, in those more controlled scenarios where these issues are caused by bad habits such as thumb sucking or poor nutrition you can help your kid to stop these habits and prevent unnecessary dental problems. Remember that – when dental issues are noticed on time they can be treated more effectively. So, don't forget to make a dental appointment for your kid.


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