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Easy Easter Decorations for Kids



The Easter is getting closer and it seems that this year and this year’s Easter celebration will be a bit different for most people. Most of us are used to celebrating this special event with our family and a bunch of our friends or even neighbours. But, it seems that this year the practice of celebrating Easter will change a bit in almost every country in the world. The reason for that is because people are encouraged and should stay at home due to an easy and fast spread of the pandemic of coronavirus. This means that people won’t have guests coming over for an Easter, instead, they'll spend it surrounded by people they already live with, which in most cases are their families. The quarantine time is a perfect way to spend more time with your dear ones. But, if you have kids and you're running out of ideas on how to keep them entertained while staying at home, especially during an Easter here are some suggestions on how to do that.

Colour Your Easter Eggs

The practice of colouring and dyeing eggs for Easter is probably the most common decoration that’s related to this holiday. This is a fun activity both for parents and their kids. And there are lots of possibilities and ways on how you can colour and dye your Easter eggs. Most kids find this interesting and involving, so use this opportunity to entertain them while they’re helping you prepare your eggs for an Easter basket. If you’re tired of dyeing eggs traditional way you can use your and your kid’s creativity and apply the papier-mache technique to create fun and colourful eggs. This is an easy way to decorate the eggs, but just make sure you start doing that on time and a few days earlier since it takes them a few days to dry.


Decorate Your Space

Apart from decorating and colouring your eggs for Easter, you could also decorate your home and space in it. Use your kid's help and creativity to add some charm to your living room, kitchen or any other space where you're planning to celebrate this holiday. One of the ideas can include creating an Easter tree with egg ornaments. You can have your kids help you search for branches. This will keep them entertained while being active outdoors. After they’ve collected the branches, you can add some faux flowers and add some egg ornaments which you can buy or make yourself. This way you’ll create a cute Easter tree. If you and your family are more of a flower person and you wish to have a bouquet of fresh flowers on your table there's a way to do that. Even though people are self-isolating and being under lockdown during an Eastern holiday, you can choose some of your favourite types of flowers online and have the same-day flower delivery. This way, your lovely bouquet of carefully chosen flowers will be brought to you without you leaving your home.


Paper Bunnies

You’ve managed to colour and dye eggs for Easter, but where to put all those eggs now? One of the decorations for your Eastern eggs that you can use for placing them could be making paper cup bunnies. This is an easy and fun decoration that you can use not only for placing eggs but also for placing some candies or a small cup from which your kid could drink. All you need to make one of these is a paper cup, scissors, coloured paper, some glue, paint and of course, the creativity. You can even go one step further and make a bunny basket by adding a handle on top of it. You can make this fun decoration with your kids or without them. If you decide to make it without your kids’ help, make sure you use this bunny cup or a bunny basket as a surprise where you can put gifts and candies for them. Your kids will love this gift and decoration.

Other Arts and Crafts

Kids love being active and useful, and most kids enjoy making something with their hands. To make this Easter more fun for them, make sure you organize a fun activity which can include creating fun crafts for Easter. One of which could be making cute chick finger puppets. This is an easy and such a sweet toy that your kids will love to play with. What’s even better, you can play with them too. After you’re done with making these cute puppets, you can even organize a family puppet show which will be entertainment for each member of the family.

Another idea that you can use to spice things up for this holiday is to create chick and lamb plates. These are fun and cute plates that your kids will enjoy eating food from, even those types of food that they’re not a big fan of. You can also use some creativity and transform a paper plate into the Easter bunny craft. Add some ears on top of your paper plate and a pink nose in the middle of it and you’ll get a fun Eastern decoration for your kids.

Last but not least, you can use this extra time being at home to make bunny party hats for your kids. These hats are easy to make but what’s more important is that they’ll put a smile on your kids’ face because they’re so adorable. You can make bunny hats and throw a huge and private party with your family to celebrate the arrival of Easter.


Easter is a lovely and colourful holiday that's all about eggs, bunnies and chocolate. Unfortunately, due to the world's latest happenings and the coronavirus pandemic, most families and people will celebrate this holiday with a small group of people with whom they already live. Since you’re spending more time at home nowadays, make sure you use this extra time during this holiday to have more fun with your kids while creating fun decorations for Easter. Remember that you and your whole family can get involved in creating crafts for your kids that they’ll enjoy.


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