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4 Best Indoor Activities For Kids



Kids enrich our lives on a daily basis and make us feel more complete, but let’s face it- they’re not always easy to deal with. This becomes evident when outside circumstances force us to stay indoors. Whether it’s the weather or illness and your kids can’t go outside, you’ll need to find ways to entertain them indoors. Bored kids are those who wreak havoc around the house and get in all sorts of trouble. This doesn’t happen because they’re mean or spoilt, but simply because they lack patience and their curiosity craves something to do.

1. Cook together

There’s no better way to bond with your kids than to make a mess in the kitchen with them. You’re going to be home all day and you’ve got to eat something- why not make it fun? There are plenty of dishes you can make together that would be fun for your kids. For example, you can make homemade pizza. This guarantees that the final result will be delicious because it’s easy to make. As well as that, your kids can have fun playing with the dough before you actually get to making the pizza. They get to be involved with the cooking process, too, because all they’ll have to do is put the toppings on the dough.

On top of all of this, this will help your kids understand more about cooking and maybe even turn it into a hobby for one of them when they’re older. Their motoric and cognitive skills also get a nice workout.

2. Build a pillow fort

Remember how fun pillow forts used to be when you were a kid? Having your own kids allows you to relive your childhood, too. Get all the pillows and sheets in the house and convert the living room into a huge pillow fort. You can spend the whole day inside, just talking and laughing and telling stories. One common mistake parents make in this situation is that they try to take control of the activity. Instead of doing everything yourself, let your kids do it. They’ll have much more fun in the fort if they put in the effort to make it.

Your job should be to give them advice and guide them if they need it. While they’re working on the fort, you can find movies and books they like and bring them with you to your new residence for the afternoon. Watching a movie in a pillow fort is like having your own cinema at home.

3. Giving them better living quarters

Sometimes your old home simply can’t handle the life kids need. Whether you’re renting or bought the place before you had kids, it may be time to look for something bigger. In first world countries, it’s not uncommon for families to leave big cities and go to the suburbs so their kids can have more time to move around. In fact, people in Australia are looking at the best Brisbane real estate more and more.

Even though this isn’t technically an indoor activity, it’s the best way to give your kids a chance to do all the indoor activities in the world! When you have a big enough house, nothing is stopping you from dedicating a whole room to just playing inside. This can be your kids’ favourite room in the house because you can let them do whatever they want there. This includes everything from the decoration to the activities that go on in the room.

4. Dance party

What’s more fun than throwing a dance party right at your home? You can dance for hours and laugh your butts off together with only 15 minutes of preparation for this activity. All you have to do is move some stuff around, like the coffee table, so that you have enough room for dancing. Then, turn on YouTube or find your favourite playlist and get ready to rock.

To make this feel more like a party, dim or turn off the lights. You can always buy a small disco ball to get the atmosphere really going, too. You should let your kids choose the songs, as well. You want the whole family on their feet and having fun. If you’re feeling like showing off your singing skills too, grab the nearest hairbrush and sing your heart out!


As you can see, your kids can have the time of their lives inside if you give them a chance to. Making sure your home is game-friendly and that your kids have plenty of activities they can participate in is key to happy home life. We’re confident that these activities will be immersive and fun for the whole household, not just the kids. Bonding with your little ones inside reminds you what’s really important and builds a relationship full of love and trust.


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