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A Child’s First Dental Visit – What to Expect




Taking care of your teeth is important both for your aesthetic look and health. The arrival of your kid’s teeth is significant because it allows your kid to try and eat various kinds of food. While you’re celebrating the growth of your kid’s teeth, it’s good to keep in mind that you should start thinking about making a dental appointment for your kid. But when’s the right time and when should your kid see the dentist? Unfortunately, most kids don't enjoy going to the dentist but your kid must have a dental appointment before its first birthday, or within 6 months after its first tooth comes out. Before you take your kid to see the dentist, here are some of the things you can expect at the first dental visit and a few suggestions on how to prepare yourself and your kid for this adventure.

Prepare Yourself and Your Kid

If it’s possible, make a dental appointment in the morning while your kid is still fresh and energized. If your kid is old enough (eg. a preschooler or older) prepare him or her by explaining to them what they may expect so that they can create a general idea of how the dentist visit looks like. This will make them less anxious and more prepared for the appointment. Explain to them why it's important for people and them to see the dentist and why they need to take care of their teeth. This kind of explaining will help them build understanding and excitement.

As for the parents – make sure your concerns, worries and questions with your kid's dentist. Parents need to keep calm and deal with their concerns in an adult way eg. talking with the dentist. Some parents may feel anxious because of their kid but it’s important for them not to relate to those fears with their kids. Parents are and they should be a support to their kids, and they should keep calm while their kid’s having a dental checkup no matter how much they’re concerned.

So, What Happens at the First Dental Visit?

The first visit to the dentist usually doesn't last long and it involves little treatment. The first dental visit is a great opportunity for your kid to meet the dentist and a friendly way which will reduce his or her anxiety about this visit. During the first visit, the dentist will check your kid's bite, the dentist will also check out all the teeth of your kid (eg. checking decay) and see if there are any potential problems with jaw, gums or oral tissues. If there happen to be any problems, the dentist will talk with kid's parents and educate them about dental health care for the kid and basics steps that should be taken to take care of kid's teeth. If there are more serious dental issues, the dentist will discuss them with kid's parents and answer their questions if they have. The dentist may make a second dental appointment if he or she found some dental issues that should be taken care of. This shouldn't worry any parent, because most dentists around the world are well educated and equipped. For instance, most dentists in the USA have the latest technology and material that’s needed for dental services, eg. there are lots of quality dental labs in Chicago that provides dentists with much needed dental products.

Prepare Your Kid’s Dentist

To make things easier and quicker, make sure you give your kid’s dentist a complete health history at the first dental visit. Also, to make the first visit easier and smoother tell the dentist how your kid usually behaves in fearful situations like this – whether your kid tends to be defiant, stubborn, anxious or maybe even aggressive. Most parents have the skill to guess and tell how their kid may react and respond. Watch how your kid reacts and give the dentist directions on your kid's responds if possible. This will help both the dentist and your kid because they'll be able to create a more familiar and friendly environment as much as that's possible.


It’s important parents teach their kids at an early age that they should take proper care of their teeth. This will help them have a shiny and healthy smile. The first dental visit for your kid should be made before it turns one. After that, the advice applies the same as for adults – to have at least two dental checkups yearly.

Establishing a good and friendly relationship with your kid's dentist is beneficial for you as a parent because you'll be less worried if your kid will receive proper dental care. Parents need to educate their kids on oral hygiene and show them how to protect teeth at home. Setting an example for your children and their dental appointments and hygiene while they're young will help them create a proper dental care routine.


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