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New Mom Healthy Morning Routine



Becoming a mom is one of the most fulfilling and happiest times in our lives, but it can also be very stressful. We try to adjust to our new responsibilities and routines, sometimes unsuccessfully. It can be overwhelming to balance and complete all of the tasks on our to-do lists and juggle them with our family life. It’s very easy to give in to stress at this time in our lives. That’s why you need a proper morning routine so you can start your day in the best possible way. Read on to see our new mom's healthy morning routine and try what works out the best for you.


Benefits of a Morning Routine


Sometimes it can be very difficult to get up early, especially if we fit into the night owl group. You probably snooze your alarm until the last minute, or you are always woken up by your kid crying or standing by your bed. That can be very unpleasant, and it sets us up for a bad and grumpy day. But if you start your day on your terms and by settling your needs first, you will have a happy and productive day ahead. Having a child wake you up means you don’t have the time to get to your needs first because you have to take care of theirs. Getting up earlier than your kid means you have enough time to have a healthy breakfast, some me-time in silence, and even squeeze in a workout.


Prepare For Your Morning


To have a successful morning routine, you have to prepare for it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen magically by itself, or natural for a lot of us. After a long day of running errands, taking care of your kids, cleaning the house, making food and other to-dos, what do we usually do when the day is over? Most of us plop in front of the tv and binge on a tv show or try to do something for ourselves and our needs. That’s where the mistake is. We have an amount of willpower and energy that we use throughout our day, and in the evening, we usually have nothing left in us. That’s why trying to have me-time in the evening and taking care of our needs will usually never happen, or we will just settle for the easiest choice of watching tv.

Set aside enough time to sleep during the night, and wake up at least an hour earlier than anyone else. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time will create a healthy sleeping schedule. Try not to look at any screens an hour before sleep time, and instead read a book for a bit, meditate, or journal your intentions for the next day and what you learned from this day.


Prioritize Yourself


Morning is the perfect time to do the things that are the easiest to push aside, and that we think are not so important. For new moms, that is usually self-care. You have lived your life with certain routines before you became a mom, and now you are trying to keep up with your new responsibilities. This usually means that your previous routines, like taking care of your well-being have been pushed to the side. You just can’t seem to make time for yourself anymore. Remember, taking care of yourself doesn’t have to take so much time out of your day. The goal is to find the right time frame you need everything done by, including your needs and your child’s needs. If you wake up early enough, you will have time to do everything you want before the chaos of getting ready for kindergarten or work begins.


Adapt to Needs


Everyone has different needs, and when all needs are taken care of, this provides a stress-free morning. Time is what most moms have difficulty with. You must be realistic about the time you need to prepare yourself and your kid before you head out the door. If you like to sleep a bit later, it’s best to prepare certain things the evening before. This can be your bag, what you will wear, your kid’s clothes, etc. Plant according to your child’s needs. If they are a messy eater, don’t dress them before they finished their breakfast. If eating is the first thing they do when they wake up, plan for breakfast or nursing to avoid the crankiness and tantrums. Preparation is key for a successful morning. If you figure out your time and plan accordingly, there will be no stress and no morning tantrums.


Make Your Bed


The moment you wake up, make your bed. It takes a minute of your time, but it will make you feel like you have already accomplished a task. Your bed will look beautiful and inviting at the end of the day. Open the curtains or blinds for the beautiful morning sunlight to enter. This will make you instantly feel brighter and happier.




To start your day right, drink a glass of water and do some exercise. This will help your body start and increase the energy levels for the whole day. It may seem very difficult in the beginning days, but just stay focused and don’t stop. This is one of the healthiest additions to your morning routine. If you workout in the morning, you will be less likely to skip the workout than if you workout at night. You still have a lot of energy, so why would you postpone it until the evening when you have zero energy? Go for a morning jog, a gym if it’s close to your house, or do an at-home workout routine. Do anything that gets your blood flowing and see how your day will improve.


Get Showered and Ready


You did your exercise and now it’s time for a shower. A shower is a thing many moms struggle to implement in their daily routine. Sometimes it’s just too much work, and who’s going to see us anyway if stay home the whole day? Well, taking a shower and getting ready for the day may just be what you need to start your day on the right foot. You don’t have to look like you are going to an event, but just getting a quick shower and washing your hair and putting on “real person” clothes can make you feel wonderful. It’s easy to feel like a potato if you are always in your PJs or baggy clothes.


Set Your Intentions and Goals


If you don’t like to set your goals the night before, and you have more overview of your day in the morning, this is the perfect time to set your intentions and goals for the day. It’s an important step to having a productive day and finishing every task you planned. Writing to-dos and obligations we have that day puts our brain in the working mode, and we accomplish tasks easily. You should ask yourself, what do I want to accomplish today? Asking yourself this question will get your brain working to remember all the tasks you have today. You can also set your intentions for your feelings and how you view yourself. Journaling will help you work through any emotions and feelings you are keeping to yourself. Write three affirmations and things you are grateful for each day. This will put some things in perspective and make you feel batter about yourself and your life.




Meditation is one of the most powerful things we can do for our minds and bodies. It boosts our overall health and well-being. Meditation is a practice of clearing your mind and focusing on your breath. Practising meditation calms our mind and gives us more control over our mindset. It’s a great way to practice letting go of feelings and thoughts that don’t serve us anymore. Meditation teaches us to stay calm and patient when “bad” things happen like your kids yelling or making a mess. It also can help you calm your mind and body before sleep, which results in deeper and more restoring sleep. It can seem difficult to do in the beginning, with all our worries and thought running around. But just be persistent, and after some time you will be able to just observe them and let them pass, leaving you in a calm state.


Coffee and Tea


Coffee and tea are a big part of our mornings. They give us an added boost and energy to get through our tasks. Some people just can’t function without a cup of coffee. There are many ways to brew a cup of good coffee. But some of the brewing methods take up a lot of our precious time. Fortunately, new quick ways of having amazing coffee are being invented every day. With a good coffee machine and coffee pods like Bluepod coffee, you are just a click away from having the perfect morning cup of Joe. Whether you like more milk in your coffee, a mocha or a good old espresso, there are many coffee types to choose from.


Have Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us energy and vitality for the day. Just as you wouldn’t let your kid be without breakfast, why would you skip it? Try to plan out your breakfasts so you don’t spend time deciding each morning what you will eat. Some ideas for a healthy breakfast include overnight oats, eggs, and toast, fruit bowl, protein-packed smoothie, etc. Make an energy-packed breakfast to give you the fuel for a big part of your day. A good breakfast also stops cravings and overeating for the rest of the day.


Having a productive and healthy morning is necessary to our wellbeing and productive days. It’s a very common goal for many new moms. Remember that planning is key, and with a good system, you will surely create a morning routine fit for your needs and family. It may look difficult, even impossible in the starting days, but just try to commit to it. Remember what your goal is and what you want to achieve, and you will surely succeed.


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