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How To Keep Your Children Warm All Through Winter




During the winter, one of the most important things to ensure is that you are in a warm place where the frosty temperatures and the rough weather can’t get to you.

If you have kids, then it’s important to ensure that your kids are in a warm place protected from the chilly elements of the wintertime.

That said, keeping warm a creature that likes to jump around, go places, and run around chasing their younger sibling pretending he or she's a dinosaur can be difficult at times. What do kids know about the connection between a sweaty shirt and looming pneumonia?

In this article, we’re going to give you a couple of pieces of advice about how to keep your little ones warm, comfortable, and safe from contracting the flu or some other disease during the winter. As you will see, most of them are common sense, but some may not have seen before, so strap yourself in for this one, sit comfortably, get a coffee, and let’s roll this one out.

How to Keep Your Children Warm Through the Winter



1) Warm Dress



First things first.

Before winter arrives and the surroundings are covered by a thick layer of snow, you may want to get your kids some winter clothing. Now, if your kids are still small, it’s an easy shopping task because you won’t have to worry about fashion all too much.

Get a couple of sweaters, a cardigan, and warm toques and shawls, and perhaps a beanie or two. Also, you should get them mitts, gloves, winter boots, preferably a spare pair of rubber boots for the meltdown season, and warm trousers, as well as undergarments.

Getting these early during the year rather than in the middle of the winter will not only mean your kids will be well prepared when the cold season does come, but you will probably be able to spend less money because winter clothes cost less out of season.

2) Pick Up The Right Jacket for Them


We’ve intentionally left out the jacket from the last paragraph because the jacket represents a special breed of winter clothes that deserve a separate spotlight.

Depending on where you live, you may want to get your kids jackets that are more or less wind-oriented, so to speak.

While getting them a random warm jacket can work in most of the climates, some places with high wind speeds and mushy winters with plenty of cold rains demand a waterproof jacket or a waterproof wind jacket, no less.

So, you should consider the jacket you’re picking for your kids a sort of armor that will protect them from both the cold and other rough conditions that often go hand in hand with it. (If it does rain a lot where you’re from, you could also purchase your nippers a parka or some other heavily-hooded jacket.)

3) Make Travelling by Car Cozy


If you take your kids to school or daycare in your car, make sure to account for the acclimatization your kids will experience when going in and out of the vehicle. (And the same goes for you, too.)

While this concept may sound super complex and unnecessary, what it means is that you should let your kids wear their jackets inside the car. This is because they will feel colder once they exit the vehicle.

To help them remember when to wear and when not to wear their jackets, make them take them down in the car and then don them again before they go out of the car. (To do this, however, you’ll need a car heating, otherwise, don't do it.)

4) Buy Special Warm Clothes for Infants


Here’s an important announcement:

Infants should never be dressed in oversized garments or wrapped in large blankets because these can easily lead to suffocation and death.

The weight of a large and heavy cover can be too much to tackle for a small baby, so don’t risk over encumbering it with a ginormous blanket. What you should do is buy your baby a special warm onesie or a similar garment that will enable it to move around easily.

5) Heating the Kid Room



This one’s a no-brainer.

Come winter, you should have already picked your heating ‘weapon of choice’, so to speak, for your kids’ room.

Whatever the heating contraption of choice, you must make sure that your kids can’t access it and potentially hurt themselves. This won’t be a problem with central heating and other heating systems where the controls are centralized, but electric heaters can be problematic if you leave your kids to putter with it without supervision.

6) Organize Bedding in Layers


Without a doubt, one of the best ways to organize your bedding easily would be to layer it. This way, you won’t even have to spend that much money on expensive duvets and other cumbersome pieces of warm bedding.

So, if you’ve covered your kids with three layers of bedding (a blanket + a quilt + another blanket, for example), they can easily remove one of the layers in case it gets too hot during the night. This way, you won’t have to get up during the night to make sure your kids aren’t sweating bullets. If you still don’t have warm bedding prepared for the winter don't worry, because there are plenty of kids quilt covers out there on the market. You’ll be able to find one that suits your interests quite easily, surely enough.

7) Keep Some Snacks on You


For those times when you leave your house to play with your kids outside during the winter, keep some snacks on you at all times, so your kids can easily refill their batteries after they’ve played for a couple of hours. (Winter and snow sap energy like it’s nothing, so to keep your kids warm, make sure they can replenish their burnt calories easily.)

Bottom line, your children are probably going to find a way to make their clothes dirty, feet wet, and lives difficult come hell or high water during the winter, but you can, for the most part, keep them warm by some diligent preparation, a healthy amount of caution, and perhaps a chocolate bar or two.


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