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Hectic Mumma



Ive decided to become a blogger - and why not, Im up at 10.57 , my 9yr old asleep on the dining room floor because his room is to hot and my 7yr old asleep with just enough of the bathroom light peering into her room so she can go off to sleep. Its been a long day, its been a long week, its been a long year already.... I can catch my breath and breathe tonight. My clean washings in a clump on the couch I need to riffle thorugh it shortly and get my sons uniform for basketball tomorrow. This house is a busy house with school and school activities and after school activities. Weekends are action packed sports on a saturday and long drives to get to nanas for visits. Life seems normal and happy, busy. Yes very busy but nothing like the days we experienced when my now 9yr old was 2. For 4 years we panicked we lived in fear we were anxious we never slept. Mike my husband and myself wondered why our baby was always sick, he had a constant cold, he constantly coughed. He would bruise easily. We took him to various drs who looked at us like time wasters but we knew something was not right. After seeing the 7th dr and being told he was a typical 2 year old with all his bruising we wondered if the dr was right. That http://www.twolittlegiggles.com.ausame dr referred him to a allergy specialists. So off we went again, we headed to the allergy specialist. It turns out he had a allergic reaction whenever he ate pecan nuts, nothing to serious but enough to give him hives. We were given a pathology slip to get some bloods done, I wondered why we wernt given a slip for bloods earlier. That night we noticed some little red spots coming up on our sons ear and neck and down his arm, so we decided to take him to the hospital. This is not the first time we had been to the hospital, 2 weeks before we took our soon to the hospital we were told he had glandular fever and not much could be done, his lymph nodes were swollen all over and he was sore everywhere. Theres not a lot a parent can do when you are constantly told theres nothing wrong or its nothing serious. Anyway, we are back at the hospital once again, I took the pathology slip with me and they have decided to do a blood test, all while looking at us with an unpleasant look of discust. Wondering why? Well my husband is 7foot tall and is built like a tank, hes always worked out and looked after himself. He has a shave head and then has a plait down the back of his head he also has a goatie and looks really rough and tough at first glimpse. Its not until you actually speak to him that you realise he is just a big teddy bear that loves his family. Well this is not the impression he was giving off when we took our soon back into the hospital, they looked at my sons skin that had many bruises and thought the worst. Obviously they have not said anything but the silence that we got told the story, we were abusive parents in there eyes! The bloods had been taken and we were now waiting on the results so the dr could decide what course of action would be taken. It felt like an hour had passed our son was restless and but happily playing with his cars. As soon as our son watched diney pixar cars at the age of 1 he was hooked. His world and ours revolved around cars, lightening McQueen and the team, this obsession with cars turned into around 300+ pixar diecast cars, we had every car imaginable and still do. 30 minutes later, 2 doctors and a nurse are rushing into the room. One is telling us that we are being transferred to a bigger and more equipt hospital whilst also telling us our son needed a blood transfusion fast. everything was happening at 100 miles an hour and I didnt know what to say, the worst case scenarios started going through my head. I remember the dr saying that my sons red blood count was only 9. It should infact be well over 120. Then the dr said we would need to be seen by an oncologist in the morning. It was late, it was around 10pm at night. I wondered what an oncologist was at the time. So in a matter of 5 minutes we were in an ambulance and on our way to another hospital 30 minutes away. When we got there we were met by nurses and a doctor that knew the story already. The nurses looked at us with sadness and big smiles at the same time, I wondered why? When I finally had a second to myself, I googled 'Oncologist' and everything I had hoped wouldnt come up came up! Cancer!! ........To be continued


I had to leave work - I started my own business, my business was names after my two little babies that giggles a lot. Two Little Giggles was created. http://www.twolittlegiggles.com


I like that I can type! I have so much to type, the above story will be continued! I hope you like my story enough for me to come back :D


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