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It's been a long way from kindy



blog-0677252001513041934.jpgI did not even remember that I started an account on this forum when my son started kindy. I have just discovered that I actually set up a blog and posted one entry about how he started kindy year. The school actually did an assessment of all kindy starters and provided a report. And the report showed ZERO academic ability for my son! Others were way ahead of him by a mile.


It had not been easy for a kid who had so much fun to adapt to school life where rigid rules were imposed. Soon he found out that school was not all play! He said he did not want to go to school for a while before he made some friends.


Fast forward to end of 2017. He is now at end of year 3. He has never been given any end of year awards but had a few run-ins with other kids and teachers in year 2. However this is expected of a very busy kid who is always doing something but not necessarily what teachers tell the kid to do.


Since year 2 he has achieved several distinctions in ICAS competitions, probably the highest number and highest quality of ICAS awards for the year 2 in the school. This year he has achieved ICAS high distinctions and distinctions with very strong performance in science, maths and digital technology with strong but not as strong in English. What's funny is that the local federal MP now shows up at the school and gives kids extra certificates of congratulation for their ICAS high distinctions.


The funny thing is that his friends, his friend's parents and teachers who don't teach him seem to be aware of his abilities but teachers who directly teach him are not aware of his abilities. So they even gave negative comments about certain aspects of his learning such as refusal to do maths by counting on the fingers or simple stuff he used to do 2 years ago. In school reports, almost ALL students get 'SOUND' for all areas of learning. One must wonder if the teachers know the kids' ability at all? There has been pressure from parents for better school reporting and that's on the school's the to-do for next year.


Next year, he will head to the OC test and leave the school for OC class in 2019 (if he has an offer). He is currently revising year 5 maths and will start year 6 maths after Christmas & New Year holidays. This puts him about 2 years ahead of the school maths curriculum. His English reading comprehension is weaker but still and end of year 4 so that's about 1 year ahead of the school curriculum.


As a very busy kid, it's tough to find time when the he has so much time dedicated to entertainment with Lego Technic as his major passion. He has got level 4 in Lego Engineer class so the next step will be Lego competitions. Then swimming, music, scooter, skateboard, going out, TV shows, movies ... all demand time. It's always tough to find time for academic enrichment at home. Yet, we try hard and we find time for a bit of everything.


It's amazing to see how a kid can be completely absorbed into activity like Lego Technic and could build a gigantic set like the Lego Bucket Wheel Excavator in 3 days with spare time between school days!


In 2018, we have made swimming in the coming swimming carnival a priority so a fair bit of lessons and training will need to happen during the summer holidays.


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