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Bucks night..where do you draw the line?



So DF and I had our bucks/hens on the same night & I was quite trusting in saying it was ok to go to the strippers and we had a mutual understanding that I was comfortable with him having lap dances as we've been many times together before. I'd heard about some of the nasty things the home visiting strippers do & am generally quite possessive when it comes to my DF & other females. On the night he came home with that much make up in his crutch and candle wax on the top of his underwear, they'd been to centrefold lounge and I soon found out they'd had an hour of private shows, a bath tub one, candle wax whip and shaving cream, a full blown lesbian show on him and he can't seem to understand why I found this really disturbing?! Having seen the makeup and wax I felt I needed to know everything to stop thinking the worst but I feel like he's only giving me a mellowed down version of what happened? I don't know how to move passed it & feel betrayed as he knew I would be upset and wasn't planning on telling me anything? Am I being unreasonable in feeling that he crossed the line? He had to help undress the girl in the bath and wash her and she had him take his top off and washed him and the lesbians were licking each other out on top of him? Not sure what to do? :(


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