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LEGO Friends - your reviews

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The LEGO brand has tailored the beloved construction experience by creating LEGO Friends which is a range designed for girls aged 5 and up. LEGO Friends empowers girls to build, play and be creative in a highly-detailed, character-based world that is based on the values of friendship, sharing, caring and beauty.

Below are some questions which may help you with writing your review, though you do not have to follow this format. You can also include other information that you feel is relevant or helpful in providing information on the product.

  • Did the product provide your child with a fulfilling play experience?
  • How did you find the level of detail in the set?
  • Was your child engaged in the storyline?
  • Did you find the mini doll figure to be more realistic than the iconic LEGO mini figure?
  • Would you purchase another one of the sets in the LEGO Friends range?
  • Will LEGO Friends be on your child's Christmas wish list?
Please note: We ask you to provide reviews that are constructive and fair in assessing the positive and negative qualities of the product.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to reading your review.
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Recommended Comments

My 5 year old daughter absolutely LOVED this LEGO Friends set! The instructions have great pictures that my daughter was able to follow along with only a little help from us. My husband hardly ever plays with the girls as he doens't do dolls and the like but he actually sat with her for a couple of hours working on this together which was beautiful to see.

The details are fantastic and DD loved being able to open up the top of the camper bus, open and close the door on it and even the seats can open up and store picnic items in there. She loved the little LEGO dolls that come with it and swaps their hair and outfits around. Once built it provided hours of fun 'travelling' around the house and setting up the bbq and she even had some of her tiny My Little Pony toys in the trailer to make a different story and game.

The only thing I think that could be improved is if it came with a little storage box to keep the many tiny pieces in so they don't get lost.

Now she has a taste of the LEGO friends she wants to get them all and they are already on her birthday and Christmas lists. I must say I'm really impressed with the set and would love to buy her some more too.

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We have had a ball with the Lego ,so much fun putting it together and then someone knocked it over so we had the fun of making it again , I think Lego is brilliant every child loves it and it stays in perfect condition forever , as the child gets older you can add other pieces to make something new and wonderful

thank you so much for this prize Essential Baby it is much loved and appreciated :D :D :D

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Thank you for the opportunity to review Lego friends camping van with picnic table and BBQ, it was greatly appreciated. This was our first Lego experience with Lego Friends and we all loved it. My husband and I and our son assisted putting it together for our daughter and it provided a great team building experience. The instructions made it very simple with big clear step by step pictures and individually numbered bags to assist assembling pieces. This was my daughters first Lego pack and I’m sure she will have no problems putting it together by herself when a little older. My only wish would be for all Lego products that the instructional booklets front and back cover are a little cardboard like to stay in tip top condition when stored in the box.


Lego Friends has awesome detailing also the chosen colour palette was very suitable for both boys and girls and I know my son is already eyeing off the vet and swimming hartpool range. We’d buy more to add on to the amazing range of Lego friends and I’m sure it will be number one on top of my children’s Christmas list, especially to collect all the 5 Lego friends girls. The end products when completed are a reasonable size for little hands as well as adults. When all put together the pieces are nice and sturdy and wheels on vehicle rotate freely and all pieces were played with.


It was great to see how lifelike everything was, surfboard, cooking utensils, cups, pan, plates etc even down to the trailer gate opening and closing. It was great having two realistic friends in the pack. My daughter 3 and son 6 were both engaged playing with it for hours and had lots of interaction with moveable pieces as well as bringing in the smurfs and chipmunks along for a play with the lego girls. It was funny hearing their imaginative play together. They both also dismantled and made their own modification to the campervan and trailer which was great to see.


After a while the trailer and campervan stayed assembled and thrown in the box intact along with all the other pieces and the cardboard box is nice and sturdy for storage until played with again. As we received well before Christmas and it’s now February it has been played with lots of times over the months and it’s nice to see the novelty hasn’t worn off, certainly great value for money and highly recommend for all ages! Smiles all round :yes:


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I do agree with you that, Lego blocks are exciting for kids. I have given it to my boy and he could now make beautiful shapes with it. It enhances the kids reasoning and mechanical skills.

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Dear EB, we love the lego friends sets. I think I love them more than my daughter.


The instructions are awesome and so easy to follow and the little parts are great. My daughter has a few sets, the Doggy Shop, the swimming pool the biggest and a couple of the little sets. They all live in a box under her bed but I would love to get a holder shaped like the girls, something the boys have. I would also love to buy extra girls for her to play with.


i would recommend these to anyone and have.


Would love too know where you got the campervan..Big W hasn't had this one.



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My Niece 5 years old got her Mum to help her put together the Lego. She selected the blocks her Mum asked for while reading the instructions. It's her first Lego present from me and she loved it.

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Same goes with me! Only the difference is my niece is 6 years old.

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