Trying to Conceive


Do you share the big news that you're trying for a baby?

Do you tell people you're trying for a baby?

Gone are the days of waiting until 12 weeks are up before announcing you're expecting. These days, more couples than ever are sharing with family and friends that they're trying for a baby – instead of waiting until they're pregnant.    

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What to do when you're trying for a baby

Trying to conceive can be an exciting time – after all, you're attempting to make an entirely new human! – but it can also bring its fair share of frustration and emotions.

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Trying to conceive, but not succeeding, can lead to all sorts of unexpected emotions.

My baby lust and the emotional rollercoaster of infertility

I'd never paid much attention to Kim Kardashian, but that all changed last summer when she opened up about her troubles getting pregnant. Suddenly Mrs Kanye West and I briefly had something in common: We both desperately wanted a baby, but things weren't going according to plan.

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