Shopping online for a well-dressed baby daddy

Mums and couples can choose a sperm donor online.
Mums and couples can choose a sperm donor online. 

Women will soon be able to choose sperm donors based on their fashion sense from an online catalogue.

As a reaction to the increasing number of women and couples in the UK relying on sperm donation, the London Sperm Clinic will soon launch a detailed database of donors which will list personality traits, hobbies and appearance.

Men who have donated to the sperm bank must write a biography and statement outlining the reason for their contribution, while staff would also submit their own impressions and assessments of the men.  

In the brochure, one donor was described by a clinic staff member as "softly spoken, introspective, deep thinking with a neat, relaxed style."

Another was described as having a "rock-star image in terms of appearance, but not at all in lifestyle or confidence."

The clinic also found most men who donated saw it as a form of philanthropy.

Infertile couples and women seeking a donation in the UK are only offered limited details of a donor’s physical appearance including hair colour, height and occupation.

Clinics are not required to disclose personal details about a donor’s information that could possibly identify the man.

Dr Kamal Ahuja from The London Sperm Bank praised the benefits of the system. "Women can access the catalogue from home and make their choices online," he said.

According to IVF Australia there is a severe shortage of sperm donors in Australia. Due to the donor drought heterosexual couples, single women and couples in a same-sex relationship must join a wait-list for an average of 10 to 12 months.

Men in Australia who wish to donate must undertake intense health and screening checks and complete questionnaires which provide personal answers about their family background and why they have chosen to donate.