'Another round': Fiona Falkiner shares emotional update about IVF journey

Photo: Fiona Falkiner
Photo: Fiona Falkiner  Photo: Instagram

Model, TV presenter and former The Biggest Loser star Fiona Falkiner has opened up about her IVF journey, revealing she has just been through another round of egg retrieval and transfer. 

Falkiner and her fiancee, Hayley Willis, are sharing their emotional journey in their wonderfully raw and honest podcast, What the IVF, as they set about to become parents.

After an unsuccessful transfer the first time, Falkiner and Wills took a month's break off to recharge and reset, before gearing up for round two.

"We have four big juicy follicles this time", Falkiner told her listeners. "I was a little bit disappointed, but you just have to push through and focus on what comes next."

Falkiner and Willis then recalled the sleepless night they both endured the weekend before the four eggs were retrieved as Falkiner mistakenly thought she had taken the 'trigger' drug at the wrong time. 

"I just cried all night long," she explains. "I was filled with complete fear and dread and thought I had put everything in jeopardy after all we had been through.
Then at 7am I called the emergency nurse in tears and she said she would like up my files. She called me back 20 minutes later to say everything was fine and I took my trigger at the right time."

She adds: "I have never beaten myself up so much."

The relieved couple, whose hilarious and honest insights are helping hundreds of people also going through IVF, collected four eggs on their second attempt.


"I keep trying to remind you it just takes one, Fee" said Willis during the podcast, who admits the second time was slightly easier as they knew what to expect. 

"I was in more pain this time and had more cramping," Falkiner explains. "And i didn't have to take suppositories this time, thank god!"

After a few days wait, the couple learned that while two embryos didn't survive, they now have two viable embryos. 

"I'm feeling really good this time," Falkiner says. "My mindset is much more positive than the last round. I think having two embryos rather than one helps; having a back-up lessens the pressure."

"I'm trying to allow myself to be more hopeful this time, and listen to what my kineisiologist said."


A post shared by Fiona Falkiner (@fionafalkiner) on AThe couple also discussed the prospect of genetic testing, 

Falkiner also revealed she saw a psychic prior to the egg retrieval who predicted 'something amazing' is going to happen in the next few weeks, and she was going to have 'two children'.

"She could have paid me $350 and I could have said the same thing," Willis says with a laugh. "But look, whatever works to help you get into a positive headspace."

The couple also discussed the prospect of getting their viable embryos genetically tested, which is a difficult decision to make.

"I put it to my IVF support group and got 49 comments. There are so many pros and cons," Falkiner explains, adding she is still confused. 

"It's so awesome to get that advice and hear about other people's IVF journeys."

The couple now face an embryo transfer and another "Two Week Wait", to be discussed in the next episode.

The couple decided to start the podcast to ensure anyone going through a similar experience feels less alone.

"The podcast is a raw conversation of our fertility journey - it's the ups and downs, the tears and laughter, but most of all it's the start of hopefully making you feel more comfortable if and/or when you go on this journey," Fiona says.

"We're by no means experts in fertility, we're just a loved up couple tackling this challenge together, and chatting to many others along the way."

You can listen follow Fee and Hayley's fertility journey on their podcast 'What the IVF' or follow Fiona on Instagram. ​


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