Husband gives birth after his wife was unable to fall pregnant

Chris & Amy Rehs-Dupin and their two children.
Chris & Amy Rehs-Dupin and their two children. Photo: Facebook

After his wife struggled to conceive, transgender man Chris Rehs-Dupin decided he would give it a go: he would try to get pregnant.

It was a nervous time for them both.

"I'm not sure if I didn't want to or if I thought I wasn't supposed to, being transgender, and of course I was very nervous about it and worried what people would say," said Chris, who hasn't identified as female since his early 20s.

LIke many couples, Chris and his wife Amy, from Ohio, US, had been trying to get pregnant for a long time by the time they turned to alternative methods. They'd tried to conceive five times through sperm donation but hadn't been successful.

"We went through a lot of infertility treatments and trying again and again," Amy told PA in a video.

"After a lot of thought and emotion, we switched to Chris [trying to get pregnant], and it still took us a long time."

The couple experienced a miscarriage, then fell pregnant again. And after the long road to pregnancy, the couple were thrilled.

"The first time we let ourselves get excited about it was when he went to see the midwife and got to hear her heartbeat," Chris said.

"There were tears. There was so much joy and excitement and it became real.


"There is nothing dainty about childbirth. There is nothing about that that involves, you know, lipstick and high heels. It is real work. And I'm very, very proud to say that I did it."

Baby Hayden arrived healthy, making the couple's dreams come true.

While Chris is listed simply as 'parent' on Hayden's birth certificate - not the child's mother or father - Amy says he is a wonderful dad.

After the birth of Hayden, Amy was even more determined to try to fall pregnant. More fertility treatment followed - and in fabulous news, she gave birth to their second child, Milo, completing the family last year.