Single gay dad adopts baby girl with Down syndrome rejected by 20 families

Photo: trapaluca / Instagram
Photo: trapaluca / Instagram 

She was overlooked by prospective parents 20 times, but despite the odds Alba found her forever home with Luca Trapanese.

The Italian dad, who also happens to be single and gay, has now set out to challenge outmoded stereotypes around what families look like - and has rapidly become an Instagram star renowned for his sweet pictures that document life with his daughter.


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In Italy, the chances of adoption for a single person are very slim - adoption is only allowed in certain circumstances.

Mr Trapanese said in an interview with the BBC, "I was told that I'd only be given a child with an illness, a severe disability or with behavioural problems. A child that had been rejected by all other traditional families. I was absolutely OK with that."

He had spent years volunteering in Naples as a carer for people who were critically ill and children with disabilities and had also set up a charity to support them with his former boyfriend of 11 years.

He said he knew from an early age that he wanted to help people, after he nursed his best friend Diego through terminal cancer aged just 14.

"Diego was my best friend and his death left me with a profound awareness of what living with an illness meant. That's why I started volunteering."

"Because of my personal experience, I knew I had the resources to deal with any problems the child may have."


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In July 2017 he was matched with then one-month-old Alba, who was relinquished by her mother at birth.

"I struggled to contain my joy," he said of the match. "I immediately said yes."

Trapanese described his first meeting with Alba.

"I rushed to the hospital to pick her up and she was in a teeny tiny cradle all by herself," he recalled.

"When I first held her in my arms, I was overcome with joy, he said. "I felt she was my daughter straight away."

I had always been scared to hold a newborn, but when I held Alba, I knew I was ready to be her dad."


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He took her to his family house in the countryside to spend a few days alone bonding with her. Then he organised a party to introduce her to his loved ones.

"All my relatives were there as well as my friends from the charity," he said.

He also joyfully described Alba's first bath where he said she was "... looking like the Queen of England."

Now he has 170,000 Instagram followers, with more following each day to see what the dynamic duo are up to. 

Trapese posts heartwarming photos of the pair brushing their teeth, playing and spending time with their vast extended family.

Their rich family life has captured the hearts of thousands and thanks to Luca's passion and dedication, gives a public face to non-tradtional families.


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