'Not appropriate': internet divided over photo of man eating pizza while wife is in labour

Users are divided over the image.
Users are divided over the image. Photo: Reddit

Labour can be an intense and overwhelming experience.

There is little doubt that the act of giving birth is pretty heavily focused on mama and bub. Dad is the support act, while poor mum endures unspeakable pain, often for hours on end. 

And now, a photo taken by a dad-to-be in the delivery room has divided users. 

The image, which has been uploaded to Reddit, shows a woman clearly in labour while her husband tucks into a takeaway pizza - and is captioned, 'casually eating pizza when your SO is in the middle of giving birth.'

"It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno," the original poster wrote alongside the photo, jokingly using the well known American frozen pizza slogan.

Although the man in question appears to be having a bit of fun with his post, many Redditers were quick to react, calling him out for not being more supportive.

The Reddit post is diving users.

The Reddit post is diving users. Photo: Reddit

"This isn't funny," one user responded. "The woman is obviously in a tremendous amount of pain and I don't think It's appropriate to be making jokes."

"She's is pain and he's just 'I'm eat a pizza and drink beer and take a picture of you suffering'," another said.


Others argued it was the fact that he took the picture and posted it in the first place that was the problem.

"The picture is trashy. But I was in labour for three days my husband had to eat," one woman pointed out. "But he didn't take pictures like this."

"I had Subway while I was waiting for my son to be born," one father wrote. "When you hear about a 12 hour labour, about 11 of those hours are mostly just waiting."

Although users were divided on whether it was right or wrong, some people were most offended by the way the pizza was cut - in squares instead of the traditional triangle shape.

"I mean the worst part is the way he cut the pizza," they joked.