Skin-to-skin contact following birth can have a positive impact on breastfeeding outcomes and cardio-respiratory ...

Making skin-to-skin after caesarean the norm

Despite its benefits, many women who have caesareans don't have skin-to-skin contact following the births of their babies - but there are ways to help increase your chances of it happening.

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Pressured and threatened: Rinat Dray is suing her doctors and hospital for malpractice.

Mum sues over forced c-section delivery

After two caesareans, Rinat Dray wanted to give birth naturally. The mum of three is now suing the hospital that she says forced her into a caesarean against her will.

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An elective caesarean saved my sanity

It's a divisive parenting debate that flares up often: natural childbirth versus an elective caesarean. But for me, there was only one option that would help my physical and mental wellbeing intact.

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