Woman, 45, goes to hospital for kidney stones - comes home with a baby

Our little surprise!!!!
Our little surprise!!!! Photo: Facebook: Beth Clay

When 45-year-old mother of two adult children Beth Clay checked herself into hospital she was in agony, believing she was suffering from kidney stones.

Beth, from California, was shocked to be told she was in labour, and that she'd be delivering the baby that day. It had been many years since Beth had experienced labour pains, and she said she had forgotten what they felt like, never suspecting the pain she was feeling was her son making his way out into the world.

Beth and her husband Scott told KTLA they had no idea Beth was pregnant, and that she had never felt the baby kick. Beth lived an active lifestyle all throughout her pregnancy and had even lost several kilograms recently as a result of a strict diet.

"I was like, 'That just can't be real. It's all contrived, never could happen. You would know if there was a baby in your belly.' But we're living proof," said Scott.

Beth said her doctors had a theory about why she never felt the baby kick. "The doctor feels sure that he was behind everything, behind my kidneys, behind my liver," she said. "I was in tip top shape."

The couple already have two children, Maggie, 27, and Will, 20, but said they were thrilled to welcome baby Liam to the family.

"We waited a whole day before we told any of our family," Beth said. "Just so we could absorb what was actually happening, it's huge."