Two babies born in same Hungry Jacks car park in two days

Baby whoppers!
Baby whoppers! Photo: Shutterstock

Looks like Burger King is living up to its reputation as the Home of the Whopper, with two babies born in the same New Jersey parking lot in just over 24 hours of each other.

Two mothers gave birth in the Burger King car park in the small country town of Denville on consecutive days.

To make the story even more amazing - the same first responders delivered the babies. And the newborns were both boys.

The first baby was born in the burger chain's car park with the help of police officers, firefighters Shannon Covert and Rich Yobs and other emergency services responders who were first on the scene.

The family had been on their way to the hospital, but got stuck in traffic and had to pull into the car park when the baby was coming.

"Contractions came full force and then next thing you know the water's breaking and the baby's on its way," Rich Yobs told CBS New York.

"Within a few minutes, the baby was out… We got (the mother) into the ambulance and handed the baby to her and let her hold him the whole way to the hospital, so she was happy about that," Shannon Covert said.

The next night, another mother was surprised when her baby decided to make a fast delivery into the world.

The couple was also on their way to the local hospital when the expectant mum started experiencing contractions, so they pulled their car into the fast food restaurant's parking lot and called 911.


When firefighters and police officers arrived, she was already giving birth in the back seat of her car.

"I don't want to speak for the first aid squad, who played a large part in the first birth, but the police officers are quite simply just happy that they could be of assistance to both families," Capt. Keith Partin told USA Today.

Both births happened within just over 24 hours of each other - a lot of excitement for the town with a population of just 16,000 – and almost too hard for the emergency services officers to believe.

"We looked at our pagers and go: 'This is a joke. This can't be - two nights in row, the exact same thing," said Yobs.

"Sure enough, we get down there and it is. And…that one came even quicker."

And spare a thought for the babies.

"One of the nurses in the maternity actually asked me 'where was he born?' and I said 'Burger King' and she goes 'let me see the little Whopper' so that'll probably be the little kid's nickname forever," joked Covert.