Mum gives birth while shopping at Target

A surprise delivery at Target.
A surprise delivery at Target. Photo: Facebook: Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

It's every pregnant woman's fear, going to the shopping centre and coming home with your newborn.

Well, that happened to Tanya St. Preux.

She went to her local Target in Atlanta to get some shopping done and her baby decided he wanted to check out some goods too.

Luckily, at the same time, unsuspecting Piedmont Atlanta Hospital nurse Caris Lockwood had also decided to head to her local Target to do some shopping.

And it was there she came across Tanya, who was in active labour and straight away she stepped right in to help.

With the assistance of some Target employees, Caris delivered Tanya's baby boy right there at the store's entrance.

According to a Facebook update on the Piedmont Atlanta Hospital's page the healthy baby boy was 3.45kg (7 pounds, 10 oz).

Accompanying the post was a photo of the newborn baby with both Caris and Tanya beaming with pride.

"Caris was God-sent and amazing," the new mum said.


"She was sweet and caring and exceeded everyone's expectations.

"She went way over far and beyond."

The post's been liked nearly 6,000 times with many commentators praising the nurse.

"Caris is one of the best nurses and people I have ever met! She is a pleasure to work with and truly loves all her patients. If anyone is going to deliver a baby in a parking lot she's the one to do it!!" said one commentator.

"Caris, great job!! As one of your previous professors I am not surprised at all!!" said another.

Even her mum chipped in.

"So so proud of my daughter Caris Lockwood. She has always had the most beautiful heart and loves people so well! And we are so blessed to know Tanya and that sweet baby!" her mum Lisa Channell Bozeman wrote.